Types of Bladder Incontinence – Treatment And Surgery Options

Bladder incontinence is a condition in which an individual is unable to control his or her bowel or bladder movements. There are many different types of incontinence that can be explained below.

One of the types is called Enuresis which is also referred to as bedwetting in older children. But in extreme cases adults are also affected by this condition experience uncontrollable bladder movement during the night. This type of condition is either caused by physical abnormalities in the urinary system or can be caused due to disorders in nervous system. Children who suffer from this type of condition normally get rid of it naturally when they reach their puberty age whereas adults who suffer from this condition require proper medical checkup and treatment to get rid of this problem.

Another type is called the reflex incontinence which refers to the condition when an individual who is not aware of whether he or she needs to urinate or not losses some amount of urine without knowing. Only the sensation of wetness helps them recognize that they have urinated. This type of condition can be caused due to excessive coughing, sneezing, laughing, lifting extremely heavy weights, etc. Aging is another reason for this condition but there are medications and therapies that can be followed in order to get rid of this type of incontinence.

Another type of incontinence is the bladder incontinence in which the individual feels like urinating all the times. This type of condition is caused due to damaged nervous system and the individual is unable to understand whether he or she needs to urinate or not. But there are treatments to cure this type of incontinence as well.
The above mentioned are just a few types of incontinence related to bladder and bowel movement. Other than that there are a few other conditions that may leads to uncontrollable bladder and bowel movement in individuals. Almost everyone is affected by this condition. Whether it is child, man or woman everyone can get affected by this condition due to defect in their urinary system or nervous system. When the nervous system is unable to pass signals in an effective way the urinary tract system may not function to the fullest extent hence this condition might appear.

Hence, bladder incontinence is most commonly known as a condition in which the individual is unable to control his or her bowel or bladder movements. That means an individual would not be aware of whether he or she needs to urinate or not. Children are also affected by thus type of condition. Other than that mostly people suffer from this condition during their old age. There are procedure, treatment and medications that can help an individual in getting rid of this problem. With the help of proper treatment and medication this problem can be cured to the fullest extent without any complications if the individual is healthy and fit in every other way.

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