Types Of Kidney Stone Symptoms And Treatment

Kidney stone is something from which almost 50 percent of people suffer. In order to better understand what kidney stones are, one should know the different types of it.
One major type is the calcium stones and most of the sufferers suffer from this type of stone. These stones are found in those individuals who are on the verge of taking excessive calcium in their diet. The worst form of calcium that makes these stones appear is calcium in pills form. Once you are diagnosed with this type of stones then it is recommended that you limit your consumption of dairy products and all other products and food items that are rich in calcium.

Other types of kidney stones include uric acid stones. These types of stones develop when the urine has a high concentration of uric acid present in it. Mostly the sufferers are patients who undergo chemotherapy treatment for curing their cancer. The concentration of uric acid is greater in these people than others. Also people who live in hot climate and do not drink enough water and are prone to dehydration may also suffer from such type of stones.

Struvite stones are another common type of stones found in human kidney. These are also commonly known as infection stones because they are caused due to an infection in the urinary tract. These stones grow really fast and usually the sufferer doesn’t show any symptoms at all. But in some cases sufferer may complaint about mild pain and bleeding during urination.
One more type is the cosine stones although these are not the common ones but these occur mostly in young adults and children. These stones are caused due to a disease called cystinuria. This is a condition in which the kidney stops absorbing cystine amino acid from the urine. This type of stone is quite dangerous as it may cause kidney infections and in severe cases may cause kidney failure. With the help of proper treatment and adequate amount of fluid cystine stones can be treated effectively.

Last but not least type of stone is the drug stone. These stones occur when a patient is put under medication and that certain medication starts forming crystals within the kidneys which eventually turn into stones. Drugs used in treating HIV infections may cause this type of stones to occur.

Hence therefore kidney stone has many different types and each type differs from the other in its own way. Although usually people suffer from only one kind of stone but in some cases the same person may suffer from two types if stones in his or her kidneys. But with the help of proper treatment and medication these stones can be dissolved within the body but if it is essential then other than medication operational procedures need to be followed in order to cure the condition of the patient.

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