Understanding Dealing With Seborrheic Keratosis

Basically Keratosis is a complication or condition that affects the skin. This condition is usually due to growth of Keratin on the skin. This condition may further be classified into actinic, Seborrheic, hydrocarbon and pilaris Keratosis. This condition can very well develop and turn chronic if proper medication or treatment is not given to any individual that may be affected by it. This condition is very common the world over and the reason why people are not aware of it is because it actually looks like normal pimples or Goosebumps. However if you are keen enough you will realize that the characteristics of this condition differ slightly from your normal pimples. This condition usually makes your skin turn and look like that of a chicken and in some places it is also referred to as the chicken condition.

The condition may appear on any part of the body but it is very rare for a case to be noted where it is on the soles or palm of the human being. This condition has no effect on the health of a person in fact it can be experienced by both the unhealthy and those who are in good health. This condition however has a bearing on the beauty of a person as it may compromise the skin texture and may also be considered an eyesore. There is no clear cause of this condition and there is also no proven cure for it. It is mostly blamed on genetics and this therefore means that if you have people who are related to you and have the condition, then you are also at risk of experiencing the condition.

There are various techniques that may be used to treat the Keratosis condition but these may not always be effective as the condition is very hard to treat. With the help of a doctor or some other qualified health worker, you can easily find out the various techniques that people have been using. It is advised that if you do decide to treat the condition, you must be very determined because the condition tends to be chronic and does not just go away after a few tries at treatment. There must be a concerted effort to manage this skin condition because sometimes it can develop in a skin cancer, although this is very rare, it has actually been reported several times before and must therefore be prevented by all means.

Most of the time this condition is not easy to detect by an untrained person, however a doctor is able to diagnose the condition just by a casual examination of the affected areas, the doctor may also opt to carry out a biopsy just to make sure that the condition has not developed into a cancer or something else that may be potentially serious.

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    I had a mark on my neck and went to the doctor years ago; he said it was just a harmless “barnacle of old age” but there was nothing that could be done about it. Several years later, it darkened a bit and grossed me out. I went back to the doctor to make sure it wasn’t cancer; she confirmed it was “seborreheic keratosis” – not at all harmful. She asked if I wanted her to remove it (YES!!) and she zapped it with liquid nitrogen. The fee for this zapping was $254, and she said insurance would not cover the cost, as it was purely cosmetic. She said to come back for a repeat freezing if it grew back. Within a few weeks, it grew back bigger, more raised, and grosser than it ever was before. After some research on the internet, I gambled the $17.99 cost for this bottle 35% hydrogen peroxide. I used a Q-Tip to apply it twice a day after my morning and evening shower. It foams up and burns a bit. Be careful not to get any hydrogen peroxide anywhere but the spot, as it can turn your fingers white. Over several weeks, it slowly receeded in size and elevation, and is now just a faint red mark that is not raised; I doubt anyone would even notice it. There is no longer a dark waxy raised growth. And I didn’t have to go back to the doctor and blow another $254 for a treatment. I highly recommend 35% hydrogen peroxide food grade for treating sebhorreic keratosis.

  2. 35% Hydrogen Peroxide is definately the best way to get rid of seborrheic keratosis. I got a kit online , after a few applications my SK dried up, formed a scab and fell off.

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