Uses and Significance of Nasogastric Tube

Nasogastric tube is a plastic tube which is used in a treatment known as nasogastric intubation. The plastic tube is inserted into the nose and then it passes from throat and then down to the stomach.

This tube has many various uses it is used for feeding drugs within the human body as well as also helps in feeding other oral agents like charcoal within the human body. Sometimes the tube is connected to an electronic pump if controlled feeding is required without any interruptions. Other than feeding the tube is also used to carry out the procedure of nasogastric aspiration. In this procedure the stomach is drained out of all gastric secretions that may be harmful to the human body.

It is medically recommended that great care should be taken in order to make sure that the nasogastric tube does not damage vital organs of the human body. Its placement should be done properly there are some measures that are taken in order to make sure that the tube is placed in the most accurate position possible. This tube is available in many different sizes and diameters the size of tube is determined according to the purpose of its use. Some tubes can be used for a longer period of time and some of them are disposable that means they should be thrown away as soon as you use them.

Some of the tubes come with a guide wire that really helps in inserting the tube in the most proper way possible. But make sure that this type of tube is not used beyond its recommended time limit because otherwise it may start causing infection or other dangers. Always make sure that the tube is of right size and diameter. This tube is used to facilitate patients belonging to many different medical categories.

It may be used with patients who are suffering from fractures like; skull fracture, nose fracture which may obstruct the airway hence these tubes are used to facilitate such patients. Other than that patients who have recently gone gastric bypass are also facilitated with these tubes.

Although there severe complications may arise in some cases but generally due to the use of this particular kind of tube some minor complications like; sore throat, nose bleeding, sinusitis may occur. Major or severe complications include; throat inflammation, nose erosion, oesophageal infections, respiratory infections, lung infections and a few others.  So usually it is recommended that this tube should not be used for a long period of time.

So, it can be said that nasogastric tube has many different significant uses. This particular kind of tube facilitates so many procedures to be completed in an effective way. In today’s medical world these tubes prove to be an enormous help in various medical procedures which is absolutely amazing.

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