Using the Am I Depressed Quiz to Your Advantage

The expression “I am depressed” might be commonly used in today’s speech and connotes the lack of zest for activities of daily living, but depression is nothing to be joked about as it is a recognized psychological disorder. Depression or clinical depression is a type of mood disorder wherein the person experiences abnormal and intense sadness or grief that lasts for a long time and tends to recur. It can either occur as a single disorder or in combination with mania, its opposite, in bipolar disorder. Depression is a major concern of society as it affects a large portion of the population with 10 percent of adults, 8 percent of teenagers, and 2 percent of children afflicted.


There is no specific cause of depression and can result from an abnormality in the neurochemicals of the brain, a triggering experience, heredity, or can have no specific etiology. Its main signs and symptoms are aches and pains without a specific cause, constant desire to sleep, feeling of hopelessness, irritability, lack of appetite as well as loss of weight, lack of interest in everyday life, and loss of energy. Most importantly, depressed people find themselves thinking about suicide more often.       


If you are experiencing a major crisis in your life right now and find yourself with three or more of the above signs and symptoms, you might be in the process of developing depression. The good news is that you can proactively combat clinical depression, and the first step is recognition of the disease. If you think visiting a psychologist or psychiatrist to be a drastic measure, then there is another alternative to finding out if you are on the process of developing depression and this is through taking of am I depressed or just sad quiz.


There are several am I depressed quizzes found online, which you can take free of charge. The test aims in identifying how you behave on a daily basis, how you react to certain situations, and how you deal with life in general. Below are some tips of maximizing the use of such tests:


1)      Take the test as honestly as you can. Some items in the test can be leading such as how do your friends describe your personality? You might not want to be diagnosed with depression, so there is a tendency of giving the wrong answer. Give an honest answer according to how your friends perceive your character. You can even ask them the answer to such question if you really are interested in finding the truth.

2)      Take several quizzes. Regardless of your findings after the quiz, you don’t have to take the results of one quiz as conclusive. Take as many tests there are just to be on the safe side. Print each result out and compare the whole.

3)      Use the results of the am I depressed quiz to your advantage. If your test results tell you that you could have depression, then face this bravely. Your next step is to seek professional help, which will conclusively tell you if you are on your way to really developing the disorder. 

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