Veterinary Assistant Salary: The Perks Of Being An Animal Lover!

Animals are nature’s special and fascinating creation and many of us have a soft corner for them. Very often we wish to associate with animals and work closely with them but we hesitate to do so. It is also a known fact that not everyone is capable or inclined towards becoming a vet. In this scenario the best option would be to assist the veterinarians not just in clinics, hospitals and laboratories but also in zoos and wild life sanctuaries!

Do not forget, the advantage is the veterinary assistant salary that you will receive. So now you can turn you love and fascination for animals into a lucrative job. All this for no special qualification or additional educational requirements! You will however stand to gain a lot more if you have completed a CET Program and a High School Diploma.

Your job as an assistant will never be boring with the flurry of animals around you! However a number of aspects need to be handled either entirely, in combination or solely.  To identify the potential of the Veterinary assistant salary, we must first understand the key areas of work – i) Front Office: here one has to have basic familiarity about the office system, computer skill, setting up appointments, handling the schedule of the vet, answering the various queries of the customer and taking payments

ii) Sanitation: Sterilizing the surgical and laboratory equipment along with disinfecting and cleaning the vet’s work areas and the cages.

iii) Basic Care: Feeding and giving water to the animals.

iv) Laboratory: Assisting the veterinarian or the vet technician in taking blood and urine samples, perform simple tests and removing x-rays

v) Post – Operative Care: Besides the help rendered during surgical procedures, various duties after the surgery need to be duly performed such as administering medication, replacing bandages, etc.

There is no dearth of job opportunities available and statistics prove that the demand for veterinary assistants is on the rise. The Veterinary assistant salary most often depends upon the skill, work performed, progress report, educational qualifications of the assistant and the level of the hospital or clinic as well as the geographical location i.e. the city/state. However a fair average can be deduced and the pay can range anywhere between $ 8 per hour on a start up scale to $17 per hour on the higher scale. This amount however is subject to change depending upon the above mentioned factors as well as the level of experience assistant holds in this field. So the annual salary can be expected to fall between $16,000 to $22,000 on a lower to median level and in the median to upper level, anywhere from $25,000 to $40,000 per year.

Various surveys have been conducted over the years and it can be safely said that the Veterinary assistant salary is bound to increase and stabilize. In order to ensure a steady increase in your pay and job satisfaction make sure you treat the animals with genuine love, caution and care. It is this behavior that will also greatly influence the amount you will receive as remuneration.

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