Vitamin A Deficiency Symptoms | What You Should Know

Basically, Vitamin A is a classification of organic compounds that has significant role for healthy vision, strong bones, supple skin, normal cell regeneration and reproduction. Vitamin A also helps the immune system to ward off infections.

Vitamin A types found in foods especially from animal products are called retinol or pre-existing Vitamin A. it is the most functional form of Vitamin A. retinol can easily convert it to retinoic acid for your metabolism. Rich sources of retinol are milk products, eggs, liver and fortified and supplementary food.

Vitamin A deficiency is very common in developing nation but is very rare in developed nations. Nyctalopia or night blindness is a common symptom of Vitamin A deficiency. Other eye diseases such as Xeropthalmia and total blindness are also possible since Vitamin A has a significant role in the conversion of the electrical signal in the rod cells in retina of your eyes.

About 500,000 under nourished children in the developing nations goes blind every year because of deficiency in Vitamin A, wherein about half of this number die within a year of being blind.

The incidence of nyctalopia as a cause of vitamin A deficiency is on the rise among pregnant and lactating mothers from developing nations. Vitamin A deficiency also increase occurrence of maternal death and other health risks among women.

Vitamin A deficiency also decreases the ability of the human body to fight infections. In nations where children did not received immunizations, contagious diseases such as measles have been noted for their higher mortality rates.

The kinds of vitamin A extracted from plant and plant products are known as provitamin A carotenoids. A good example of carotenoids is beta-carotene. The human body can convert these carotenoids into antioxidants necessary to guard your body against any invading virus. Rich sources of carotenoids are fruits with bright colors, dark green vegetables such as carrots, spinach fruits such as papaya and mango.

Vitamin A deficiency as a result of insufficiency of healthy snacks is rare in developed nations and is more likely as a consequence to swollen infections that damage the digestive system and avoid absorption of Vitamin A, such as Celiac disease. Excessive intake of alcohol, zinc deficiency and diseases of the pancreas can also influence the levels of vitamin A in your body and avoid symptoms.

If you have vitamin A deficiency symptoms, you need to consult your physician who can instruct for medical exams such as blood tests to settle on if a Vitamin A deficiency is the cause or if there are other symptoms.

If you think you are deficient in Vitamin A, or if you are young yet you experience symptoms such as difficulty in your vision, this is one of the Vitamin A deficiency symptoms.

There are critical cases of Vitamin A deficiency on many children. In these cases, specific eye problems and symptoms could happen due to failure of the optical nerves that could risk your child’s vision forever. These cases ar every rare in developed countries. However, it is better to give your family healthy snacks and meals that are rich in vitamin A.

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