What are Brain Aneurysm Causes?

What is brain aneurysm? What are the brain aneurysm causes?

Brain aneurysm is a medical condition where a part of blood vessel abnormally widens. A cerebral aneurysm happens when the part of the brain weakens which result to the abnormal widening. When the blood weakens, it starts to bulge out resulting to a balloon like appearance. When the balloon starts to grow bigger, there is a risk that it may burst. Bursting is dangerous, as it will bleed to the brain. Most cases of aneurysm are not detected, the patient is not aware that an aneurysm is developing inside.  Somehow, those who developed brain aneurysm before are also likewise to develop it again in the future.

Here are some known brain aneurysm causes that affect people:

Clinical studies shows that brain aneurysm causes are acquired, meaning they are not present at birth; however, genetic factors play a very important factor. Twenty percent of people who suffered from brain aneurysm may actually have a first and second-degree relative who also had brain aneurysm. If you have relatives with aneurysm, you are more prone to develop bleeding in the brain. If brain aneurysm runs in the family, it is certain that two to three members of the family may develop aneurysm.

Other people who have certain medical ailments are also at risk of developing brain aneurysm. Some of the conditions at risk with brain aneurysm are:

  • ·         Marfan’s syndrome – this is an inherited disease which affects the connective tissue of the body. Due the weakened tissue, ruptures easily develop.


  • ·         Polycystic kidney disease – this is a condition where cysts are developed in the kidneys.


  • ·         Neurofibromatosis – an abnormal disorder that affects the growth of abnormal nerve cell, this condition often result to other ailments like brain aneurysm.

Other brain aneurysm causes are due to other factors:

  • ·         Tobacco and cigarette smoking – smoking is number one factor that leads to brain aneurysm. Almost all patients of brain aneurysm are smokers. It is seen that an aneurysm in the brain is likely to rupture ten times with a heavy smoker than non-smoker.
  • ·         Alcohol – alcohol drinkers are likely to develop brain aneurysm than non-drinkers. Even moderate drinking can increase the rupture of brain aneurysm.
  • ·         High blood pressure – high blood pressure is a one big factor that affects the brain aneurysm. If you have high blood pressure, you may ask your doctor to monitor your blood pressure.

If you have high risk of aneurysm, you should know the signs and symptoms that you should be aware. Some of the symptoms are:

  • ·         Vomiting
  • ·         Seizures
  • ·         Dizziness
  • ·         Severe headache
  • ·         Neck pain
  • ·         Sensitivity to light

Most patients do not know that they have aneurysm in the brain. They tend to neglect the symptoms until it is worst. If you belong in the high-risk group and you experience some of these symptoms, do not take them lightly, you have to go to emergency hospital to let a medical practitioner evaluate your condition.

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