What are the Causes of Bloating?

Causes of Bloating

These days, you have to do everything fast so as not to waste time. Some people even make the mistake of eating their food too fast during lunch hour just so they can get back to work fast. It’s no wonder why many complain of having bloated stomachs. After all, eating too fast can cause bloating. But there are those who eat at a normal speed yet still regularly suffer from this stomach problem. This is because eating too fast is just one of the many causes of bloating.


So if you want to prevent your stomach from bloating for a long time, you have to be familiar with its causes. You have to be warned, though, that avoiding what causes bloating can be very difficult.


When at a party with a large buffet-style table, people tend to eat all they can to get a taste of everything on the table. Then, later, they complain of getting taxed for their overeating frenzy, through stomach problems, like bloating. If you want to keep your stomach free of bloating trouble, you should discipline yourself and partake of food in little portions. You should also eat slowly. Not only do you get bloated if you eat too fast, you also don’t get to savor the flavors of what you’re eating, so take time when eating your food.


If you habitually smoke to reduce your stress levels, your smoking habit and the stress you feel might contribute to your bloating. Your stress or anxiety due to certain problems might manifest itself physically through bloating, so make sure to give yourself time to relax.


While fatty foods are definitely tasty, they are causes of bloating, too. If you eat too much fatty food, your stomach will have to work doubly hard just to digest the fats, so it takes some time before your stomach empties. This is why fats take the narrowest space in dietary pyramids. Other foods that can cause bloating are baked beans, and the following fruits and vegetables: broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, apricots and prunes, among others.


While chewing gum after eating might keep your breath fresh, it also causes bloating. So do eating hard candy and drinking carbonated drinks, so lay off of those if you don’t want to get bloated.


Also, while fiber does help speed up the processes of your digestive system, it can cause bloating. While it is a carbohydrate, it cannot be easily digested by your stomach. So eat your whole grain bread slices slowly. To make the fiber work it’s magic on your digestive system, drink lots of water when eating a fiber-rich treat.


The causes of bloating are obviously difficult to avoid. To fully eliminate chances of getting bloated, you’ll have to eat less of the good stuff, most of which are healthy. Hence, maybe you should just focus on regulating the speed at which you eat, and on making sure you eat just enough during meals. Look for foods that can satisfy your hunger for an extended length of time, so you won’t be tempted to eat too much.


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