What Causes Gout – You Wont Like The Answer

What Causes Gout

Lately, there has been rampant increase in the cases of people with gout arthritis. Most of those that are affected are males. What exactly is this condition, how do you deal with it, and what causes it? Read on to find out.


Gout arthritis, or simply known as gout, is a condition of the joints. Usually, the joints that are affected by this disorder are the joints of the foot. These joints are also known as metatarsophalangeal joints. The metatarsophalangeal joints are located at the balls of your feet. These joints connect the metatarsal, or the long bones of your feet, and your phalanges, or the bones of your toes.


When you are walking, a part of it is attributed to the push off phase. This part of the gait cycle is done to propel the entire body forward. Without that phase, no form of locomotion may be observed. In this phase, the metatarsophalangeal joints are usually utilized by your feet. One of the gout causes is the overuse of these joints in ambulation. This is also the reason behind the repeated and continuous swelling and inflammation of these types of joints.


What causes gout is the type of diet and lifestyle that you currently have. Studies have shown that alcohol intake can greatly increase your chance of having gout. Aside from that, consuming food items such as meat, seafood, and drinks that are have high sugar content can further spike up your chance of having gout. If you already have gout but still have not modified your lifestyle and diet, it is highly probable that these gout causes can take its toll on you and your body.


Among the common gout causes, the lack of excretion of the uric acid in your body is the most common cause. Approximately 90% of all the cases point this out as the main cause. In other words, they usually contain their urine when they should be excreting it properly. Because urine is not excreted right away, some parts of it can accumulate in different parts of the body. Usually, it deposits itself among the joints of your knees and the balls of your feet, which are common weight bearing sites of your body. The accumulation tends to happen in small amounts. However, when this is done regularly, it will not take that long before the person affected with gout notice the difference.


The usual complaint of a person with gout is the feeling of tenderness on the joints affected. In this case, the tenderness is felt on the metatarsophalangeal joint area. If the person has just started acquiring the condition, the tenderness felt is usually accompanied by pain. This pain is usually described as blunt and aching pain. The joint pain is usually felt in the morning.


Once you have this condition, it is likely that you will never be completely cured from it. The treatment goal for this condition is to decrease the instances of pain and to prevent it from worsening or even coming back. This may be done through medications, exercises, and lifestyle modifications.

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