What Causes Seizures In Adults

Our brain systems control how our physical bodies moves; it sends out tiny electrical signals throughout the muscle nerves. There are cases when what we get are abnormal signals from our brains that significantly changes how our body functions. This is what causes seizures in adults.

Seizures or convulsions vary from one person to another. Some people may only experience a slight shaking of the hand and will not lose consciousness as most cases do, which is then followed by a violent shaking their bodies. The shaking, be it mild or violent is not always associated with the seizure itself however. Some people would lose touch with the surroundings for a brief moment, and would not respond in normal ways even though they are wide-awake. They usually do not remember having any episodes afterwards.

Not all of the body shaking can be attributed to seizure since there are various medical conditions that cause involuntary body shakings affecting both the head and the hands. Epilepsy is a problem within the nervous systems that causes seizures.

A single episode would last for less than three minutes only and would not be followed by a second seizure episode anymore. Any healthy person can experience seizures at certain conditions, like sudden, sharp blows in the head. Having experienced an episode yourself is never an indication that you have an existing serious health problem, as others tend to believe. Doctors should check out first-time seizures though, so they may be able to rule out some serious illnesses from it.

Seizures can be any symptoms of other health problems, such as the following:

• A fever that’s rapidly increasing (fever seizure)

• Stroke that causes damages to the brain, head injuries, or brain surgeries

• Extreme low blood pressure levels in diabetes cases

• Any congenital problems present ever since birth

• Meningitis or encephalitis infections

• General withdrawal from prescription medicines, alcohol and even illegal drugs

• Brain tumors or any structural defects in the brain, just like what happens in aneurysm

• Cases of parasitic infections, like having tapeworms or worse, toxoplasmosis

Eclampsia is another seizure activity that is pregnancy-related in nature and usually caused by having high blood pressure in the system. It is widely considered a life-threatening situation for both the mother and her fetus. This is so since the fetus’s main oxygen supply from the mother’s womb is reduced drastically. The Eclampsia situation is most likely to occur during or after the twentieth week of pregnancy.

Another common case that happens anywhere around the world is the non-epileptic seizure (NES). It is also called pseudoseizure in other cases, a condition that’s bound to cause seizure-like activities. Non-epileptic seizure is generally characterized by a sudden loss, or a change in the physical functions even without the aid of any central nervous system problems.

This loss or change of vital physical functions is what causes those physical activity or inactivity periods resembling epileptic seizures. This is usually related to existing mental health problems. Stress or emotional conflicts may be directly responsible to the physical symptoms involved. This again is what causes seizures in adults.


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