What is an Enlarged Heart? The Symptoms

As the name suggests, the heart is obviously not in the right or normal condition that it should be in. An enlarged heart is also called a cardiomegaly. This is usually not a condition that is independent but it is a condition that is significant of other factors that may be facing the human body. This state does not have a specific cause but may be as a result of many other complications which make the heart work much harder than it should. The two main reasons that may be causing this condition are categorised as pathological which simply mean that the condition may be linked to an actual disease of the heart muscle. There is also the physiological which simply mean that the condition may be as a result of causes that may be overworking the heart muscle; these may include high blood pressure and thyroid disease.

There are a few cases in which an enlarged heart does not show any symptoms and therefore it may not be so easy to know if the condition is there but in the cases where the symptoms are observable, a patient usually shows symptoms like; shortness of breath, dizziness, fluid retention, heart palpitation, irregular heartbeat, and some other breathing problems. If you suspect that you have any or all of these symptoms and you are not under any medical attention, it is better for you to try and visit the hospital so that you can start receiving some expert help. Some of the causes of this condition are mainly diseases like coronary artery disease, high blood pressure, heart valve disease, obesity, thyroid disease and so much more. Other things that may contribute to this condition may include lack of exercise and old age. Treatment may also sometimes involve a surgery if the basic methods are not so effective.

An enlarged heart is usually treated by focusing on the underlying causes. What this means is that you will be treated for what may be causing your heart to behave in an abnormal way. An example is that you may be advised to adjust on your diet in order to cope with the large quantities of some nutrients that may be affecting you. There are also some medications that can be prescribed for you in order to stop the heart from growing any larger, and you may also be advised to take frequent cardiovascular exercises.

What is important for everyone to realize is that this condition is not self generated but it is an indication of some other complication that is in the body. You must therefore seek professional help so that the underlying factor is determined and you get the necessary treatment as soon as possible.

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  1. Priscilla Johns

    I just recently found out I have enlarged heart. Was diagnosed in Philippines St. Lukes after echocardiography was done. Continue to feel slight dizziness when getting up in the morning and shortness of breath. What are your suggestions?

  2. my uncle just fouind out he had an enlarged heart. Iam sad now……if it gets bigger what happens

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