What Is Cerebral Paralysis

Cerebral paralysis is a condition in which the posture and movement of the human body is affected due to some damage in one or several parts of the human brain. It is now becoming a very common condition among several individuals.

Cerebral is a medical name for brain and palsy literally means disorder of movement or posture. This condition affects every single individual in different way because there is no one particular part of brain that can be affected by this condition. It depends on the part of brain that is affected that determines the condition of the patient.

Some of the common problems or conditions that a person may suffer from due to this condition include; problems relating to balance and muscle coordination, problems in maintaining and controlling the body posture, finding it difficult to swallow, eat, drink or speak, difficulty in learning about new things and many others. In severe cases the patients also develop a condition called epilepsy.

There are four main types of cerebral paralysis commonly known. These types are; spastic, mixed, athetoid and ataxic. Ataxic is the type of paralysis that results in weakening the coordination among motoring muscles. Athetoid is another type of paralysis which results in very slow body movements. Other than slow movement the hands, legs, arms and feet may start moving uncontrollably. Moreover in severe cases the facial as well as the tongue muscles are also adversely affected and hence the sufferer might find it difficult to speak or move his tongue.

Spastic is another type of paralysis which is the most common one. In this type of condition the sufferer suffers from stiff limb muscles. As the limb muscles get stiff it can permanently contract the movement of the sufferer. Lastly the mixed category of this type of paralysis is considered to be the mixture of the above mentioned categories.

No matter which type of category a patient belongs to but with the help of proper treatment, medication and therapy an individual’s mobility and coordination skills can be extensively improved. Although it is not necessary that the sufferer might recover from his condition to the fullest extent but measures can be taken to improve his or health conditions. Once the brain is affected by this type of paralysis it becomes very difficult to get recovered fully.

Therefore, cerebral paralysis is a condition that restricts the movement of the human body to a certain extent due to damage within one single or several parts of the brain. Usually young ones are affected by this type of paralysis and due to their condition they are unable to move properly or their body movements and body posture does not coordinate with each other in a proper way. With the help of proper treatment and therapy this condition can be improved to a certain extent. But it all depends on how one individual acts to the treatment provided to him.

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