What is Ileostomy Reversal?

Ileostomy is a surgical procedure done to those people who have a problem removing their body waste because their intestines are either removed or part of it was removed. In ileostomy, the person will need to have an external appliance or a bag wherein the body waste is being collected. However, this procedure is now being replaced with K-pouch or Barnett Continent Intestinal Resevoir or much known as Ileostomy Reversal.

People with Crohn’s disease, Ulcerative colitis, Familial adenomatous polyposis, or Total colonic Hirschprung’s disease are advised to have ileostomy to be able to eliminate their body waste. Moreover, people with colorectal cancer undergo this procedure to prevent the wide spread of the cancer cells.

Living with the external appliance or the ileostomy bag is really not easy because it causes problems to the person who has it. This bag may cause skin irritation, leakage of the waste, and since it is on the external, other people will see the person’s waste making him feel uncomfortable. And to resolve this issue, medical experts are now trying to slowly replace this procedure with k-pouch or BCIR.

So what does ileostomy reversal really mean? This is actually a procedure of reversing the ileostomy until the large intestine is possible for transplantation which is far more years from now. Having this procedure, there will be a way to eliminate body waste without wearing any external appliance or ileostomy bag.

BCIR or K-pouch, a type of procedure to reverse ileostomy, is a surgical procedure creating a pouch or a reservoir inside the abdomen, made from the last part of the small intestine for the storage of the waste. The pouch can store liquid waste which will then need to be drained using a catheter several times a day. Draining the pouch can easily be done by the person himself simply by inserting the catheter through an opening in the abdomen which is directly connected to the pouch inside. The person needs to drain the pouch two to four times a day depending on the type of the food he eats. Draining the pouch is not as messy as draining the external ileostomy bag and it only takes a few minutes. It is also not painful inserting the catheter inside.

Unlike the ileostomy bag, the person will not need to worry about any leakage since this BCIR does not leak intestinal waste because it is well sealed. This does not also cause any skin irritation because the opening on the abdomen is very small which is actually can be covered with a small bandage.

A person with failed ileonal J-pouch operation may be a candidate to have the ileostomy reversal if he is in good condition. Any person who needs their intestines or rectum be removed may go on the procedure at the same time with the BCIR. In this case they will not have any problem eliminating their body waste.

People will now not have any second thought of repairing their intestines since there is now a much convenient way to eliminate their waste product.

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