What Is The Best Protein Shake?

In today’s world, life has turned into a “Show-Biz”, and no matter what your occupation is, people have to make sure that they are presentable. For this reason, they employ so many new-age methods, like cardio exercise, aerobics, muscle-building programs, skin polishing, and many other things. Funny thing is, while they engage themselves into these things, they forget the most essential trick, not to just “look” healthy, but actually “be” healthy. A nutrient-enriched diet is the best way to achieve health, and when we talk of nutrients, what else could be more nutritious than protein?

One of the most popular and easiest methods to be well endowed with protein is consuming the best protein shake. However, before we get into discussing various protein shake brands or easiest home-made recipes for protein shakes, we must be aware about why protein is such a good nutrient. The factors that make protein such a “mega-star” amongst nutrients are as follows,

  • It increases lean muscle mass
  • It helps in muscle repair and recovery
  • It’s a rich source of amino acid and leucine
  • It increases metabolism and helps in fat loss
  • It maintains a healthy immune system
  • It stabilizes blood glucose level

Since proteins are the key nutrients that play major role in the response to the exercise, and consuming protein-rich food may not be always possible due to various factors, such as cost, time, or storage, one form of its consumption is considered best…Protein Shake! It is so, since it’s easy to make, it serves as an instant resource of high protein, and you don’t really have to depend upon a variety of foods to get enough protein. Just a one glass of best protein shake, and your muscle and energy loss after a workout is immediately reinstated.

There are various protein shake brands, like Whey and Isagenix, are extremely popular, since they come in various kinds made to serve unique needs and requirements of the consumer. For instance, some types are used to gain weight and muscle (for body builders), whereas some types are used to lose weight and stay lean (for athletes). One has to define his needs and consume the specific protein shake as per his requirements.

Nevertheless, the best protein shakes does not necessarily have to be bought in exchange of big bucks (most of the quality protein shakes are really expensive), but can be made at home. It is made at home by blending some natural protein source, like Soy or Whey, in the skimmed milk. You can add your desired flavor or fruit pieces into it to add a distinct taste to it.

However, one must remember unless you have some outlet to your calories or do not have access to the balanced diet, you do not really need protein supplement, because protein shakes add 800-1200 calories a day, and if they are not burned even the best protein shake will have the worst adverse effects on your body.

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