Cardiovascular Technologist Salary (Starting Pay)

Cardiovascular technologists also known as cardiovascular technicians, carry out ultrasound and as well as other diagnostic procedures on cardiovascular systems. They explicate these procedures to the patients, maintain equipment and watch out for trouble areas for highlighting to the physician. Cardiovascular technologists can specialize in different fields like vascular technology, invasive cardiology or echocardiography.

Cardiovascular technologist salary depends a lot on the level of experience. As per the American medical association (AMA) starting salary of these technologists was between $36,000 to $45,000 in year 2006. According to a website called PayScale salary survey; median salaries of cardiovascular technologists with experience of 1to 5 years ranged from around $41,000 to $61,000 per annum in year 2009. Cardiovascular technologists who have an experience of 5 to 9 years can expect to earn anything from $61,000 to $79,000.

As per the U.S. bureau of labor statistics; the mid range of salary for these technologists was around $48,600 per annum in year 2008. Bottom ten percent of the lot was getting below $25,500 and while top ten percent earned over $74,700. The mid fifty percent of the lot were earning around anything from $32,800 to $61,600 yearly.

Majority of the cardiovascular technologists are employed in surgical and general medical hospitals; where these technologists get around $47,700 annually as said by U.S. bureau of labor statistics. If you are looking for a high cardiovascular technologist salary then you should opt in for diagnostic laboratories as they disburse average of around $58,000 yearly or for doctor’s offices that offer around $52,200 per annum.   

A website called collects information from real job listings. According to this website salaries proffered to these technologists in September 2009 ranged from around $28,400 to $65,000 annually. Most of the cardiovascular technologist’s earnings range from $41,000 to $55,000.

The U.S. bureau of labor statistics forecasts employment outlook for these technologists to augment much quicker than average by year 2016. The will happen because of two reasons; aging population and due to technical advancement which mean fewer requirements for costly procedures.

I hope by now you have complete know-how on cardiovascular technologist salary. The job of cardiovascular technologist is amongst the few career choices that can proffer you a long term growth. If you are looking out for a wonderful profession in the field of healthcare then do mull over this great option.

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