What are the pros and cons of teeth whitening treatment

A person’s smile reflects confidence he possesses. Everyone in this world wishes for a beautiful sparkling smile that catches everyone’s attention. As the medical science is advancing, numerous techniques are introduced that helps in smile designing including teeth whitening. Different techniques are adopted by people in order to get the best results. Some tried homemade remedies, some tried cosmetics products at their homes while maximum prefer for professional treatments so as to get the best results with precision. Good oral habits also play an imperative role in making them white and healthy.


Of course these treatments offer many advantages as well as disadvantages. The latest cold light technology is popularly used across the globe. The major advantages of such system are:


• It is temperature controlled system that is why in any case it is not going to make disturbances in your oral nerves.


• Most of the professional make use of water based system, which do not harm your gums if it by chance comes in contact with them. This is completely safe for your tooth enamel.


• The treatment is really fast and you can see the results in approximately 1 to 3 hours or in first sitting only.


• Such treatments are best for people with sensitive teeth as this does not include harsh treatment with teeth.


• One can live a carefree life after getting such a healing. It is beneficial even for those who are in habit of chewing bubble gums.


• The results are really long lasting and very fruitful.


Apart from giving so many advantages everything has its flipside too. Some of the common demerits of this system are:


• Tooth bleaching can cause gum sores.


• People with veneer or crown cannot undergo such conduct.


• Non-symmetric teeth cannot undergo home bleaching cure.


• Hyperodonto-oxidation results are short term so teeth gain their original color after duration.


• Some of the treatments are quite harsh and may cause swellings over lips or gums.


• Every action depends on person to person and one can get un-satisfactory results.


• These cures may affect the sensitivity and teeth may get prone to cold or hot eatables or liquids.


• It is not a permanent conduct.


If a person does not want to undergo these cures then one should adopt adequate measures that help in preventing tooth decolorizing. Habits like smoking, drinking and most importantly age factor are some of the common reasons for yellow teeth. There are some treatments in which one has to put bleach tray in the denture in order to give appropriate time for bleaching. These trays are custom fir and they may not deliver requisite results to the user. While undergoing such a treatment one has to immediately halt the process in order to get the instant relief. By using these expert techniques one can fulfill all his desires to get the best smile and that too very easily.

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