Dialysis Technician Salary Expectations (Pay)

So, how high can a Dialysis Technician salary can get?

As with most jobs, the salary you can expect to earn depends on the type of job you land, the location you live in, where the job is located, and how much experience you have. All of these factors work together to determine the salary you are likely to receive. Of course, it varies from company to company, hospital to hospital. However, these numbers should give you an idea of the Dialysis Technician salary you can expect.

The average Dialysis Technician salary is around twenty dollars per hour, or $42,180 per year. The is the average salary across the United States, all occupations, and all job types. You may or may not be able to make this much money depending on the situation you are able to obtain after you complete your training.

The biggest difference in Dialysis Technician salary expectations is the location in which you will work. If you plan to work in a hospital, you could earn as much twenty dollars or more per hour, or $42,340 per year. However, if you plan to work in a dialysis center, you may only earn around eighteen dollars per hour, or $37,920 per year. Physician offices and ambulatory care, such as in home dialysis treatment, could pay you as much as twenty to twenty-five dollars per hour. In all, you can expect to receive from eighteen to twenty-five dollars per hour Dialysis Technician salary.

Of course, you will not be able to get all of these jobs when you first leave training. Most hospitals, physician offices and ambulatory services require that you have some experience besides your education. In many cases, those coming out of school will be working in a dialysis center, for which you can only expect around eighteen dollars per hour for your Dialysis Technician salary. However, as you gain experience and work your way up, you can easily earn up to twenty-five dollars per hour, depending on where you can land the best job, and what job you get.

Location also has a lot to do with the Dialysis Technician salary you can expect to earn. The highest paying state in this area is Connecticut. Their average Dialysis Technician salary is just over twenty seven dollars per hour, or $57,450 per year. Tennessee, Alaska, Hawaii and Minnesota are also high paying states. However, you will find the most jobs available in Illinois, Ohio, New Hampshire, Wisconsin and Michigan.

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  1. Charles Van Lare

    I live in Los Angeles California where can I find a school or college where I can become a Dialysis Technician

  2. Charles,
    Do not waste your money on a technical school for Dialysis training. All dialysis companies will train you on-the-job. All you need is a high school diploma and half a brain. Fresenius & and Da Vita are the two biggest companies and both will provide training. Starting pay is a little low…around $10.00-$12.00 per hour. But if you play you cards right, you can make around $16.00 per hour after your first year as a PCT/CCHT. Also, there are travel companies that send you out on 3 month assignments around the country. I just returned from 3 month is Oahu, Hawaii working as a traveling CCHT for Foundation Medical Staffing. Not only did I get to see the islands, but the pay was much better than the typical dialysis job. A traveler can make between $45,000.00-$55,000.00 annually working as a CCHT. It’s hard job both emotionally and physically. It’s high stress and mentally demanding. But if you can pull it off, its some of the best money you can make without a college degree. Additionally, most companies will help you pay for school if you decide to become and RN or nurse practitioner. It’s not the field I hoped to work in, but if you have children and need a job NOW that pays a living wage, dialysis is a viable option. And the job security is excellent. People with Master’s Degrees are currently lining up to work at Starbucks. But you will always have employment in Dialysis.

  3. :grin:HI Charles, thanks for your advice, I’m looking forward to becoming a dialysis technician.

  4. @Charles, in your message above you said if you play your cards right your salary can go from $10-12 to $16 in a year. Well I am working in a dialysis center as a CCHT technician. I have been there almost 4 months now & I would love to play my cards right because I plan on being here for well over a year. I have a family and a pay increase will be greatly appreciated.

  5. Im sorry the message was for ( DIALYSIS DUDE) not charles, I apalogize.

  6. Im a dialysis technician for fresenius for over 3 years now, You dont need to go to school for this one, they will train you for a month while being payed $12 per hour. Then after you pass the written test they will train you on the floor for 5 months. Job is very rewarding, lots of over time, but you have to love this job to actually enjoy this job. Not only you will have to be good to your coworkers but to your patients as well because if they don’t like you, like for say you are lazy and dont help your coworkers you could lose your job, not only that; words will spread and no dialysis clinic will hire you.

    • I am thinking of taking a dialysis tech course in march. could someone please be honest with me let me no exactly what you do on a daily basis as a dialysis tech..I am really interested in this field..

  7. rizalde santos

    this is horrible, to get a dialysis technician training cost a thousand dollar already. wall street journal reports the new basic income is 100K. the training does not also guarantee you a job in the field.

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