Seven Secrets to Hemorrhoid Freedom – Tips to Prevent Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoid salves and creams, hemorrhoid medicines and pills, hemorrhoid cures and treatments, you’ve tried every one of them and still you put up with the bleeding, the pain along with the shame associated with the scourge of hemorrhoids. Here are seven recommendations to stay clear of experiencing hemorrhoids to begin with.

1) Drink a lot of water. Water is absorbed inside the colon and utilised throughout your entire body. By drinking even more water than the colon can absorb, you deliver a flow of water through the colon that will help keep stool soft and flowing.

2) Eat a lot of vegetables and fruits. This will keep the stool soft and help minimize the straining that contributes to hemorrhoids.

3) Reduce your intake of prawns, crabs, and meat. These will usually thicken the stool and cause you to strain.

4) Have regularity in bowel movements. Strive to move your bowels the exact same time every single day and never, never procrastinate once you feel the need. Keep everything moving.

5) Eat much more fiber. This might be in the form of fruits and vegetables as already mentioned or in dietary supplements. Powders or tablets might help.

6) Eat meals and snacks at regular intervals. Having set meal times is essential for establishing regular bowel movement times. Irregular eating styles lead to irregular bowel movements.

7) Treat constipation. Should you take the first six steps you will probably not be subjected to constipation which causes straining and hemorrhoids, but if you are, take prunes or an over-the-counter remedy.

If you’re doing all these things and still you are still bothered by the pain, irritation and swelling, you need a much more effective hemorrhoid therapy. Before looking at radical surgery or drugs, consider a natural hemorrhoid cure.

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