EKG Technician – Know All about Being One

EKG technician is a very prospective career opportunity. An EKG technician is actually that person who performs various cardiovascular tests like sonograms, electrocardiograms, EKG, Holter monitor and stress testing. Such a person is trained to use the EKG machine so that it can be used to create an image of the electric impulse heart activities. The professional will need to place electrodes on the chest, legs and arms of the patient undergoing the test.

There are certain requirements and training that a person needs to undergo to qualify as a practicing EKG technician. He needs to take a EKG certification program for one year. However, the person needs to take some other courses if he thinks he wants to carry out stress testing and Holter Monitor Testing as well.

One can carry out the EKG training or education program in any of the local college or university. Such courses can also be taken at any technical school. You might also obtain the EKG technician certificate through any of the online technical schools that are present.

The amount of money that you make by being a EKG technician will depend on the area of the country in which you will be practicing. The expected salary for a qualified EKG technician is around $11 to $15 in an hour. One can opt for an EKG technician program as soon as he has completed his schooling.

You have to decide whether you want to complete your training program from a college, university, technical school or an online school. Once you have decided upon that and you start looking for an appropriate training program; you will come across a lot of choices. Make sure you do the necessary research before enrolling for any course or training program.

There are a number of very good online schools when it comes to providing EKG technician certificates. These include the South University, the Independence College and American Intercontinental University, Ashford University, Baker College Online Virginia College, Keiser University, Penn Foster College and Kaplan University; to name a few.

The online schools are known to provide very good training and personal attention to all the aspiring EKG technicians. In fact; the students enrolling in these online schools receive as much opportunities as the on campus students do. After you have completed your training and education program; it is only a matter of time that you will start working in a good hospital or in the office of a cardiologist.

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