Stomach Virus Symptoms, Treatment And Prevention

A stomach virus(not to be confused with the influenza flu) and other wise known as a stomach flu involves inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract of the intestines and stomach, called gastroenteritis. A stomach virus can be transmitted very easily so be sure to take caution with whom you surround yourself with. Infants and the elderly are especially succeptable to the stomach virus with increased risk of more severe symptoms. So be sure to keep a safe distance from both if you have it.

Stomach Virus Symptoms

Early stomach flu symptoms involve stomach pain, cramps, nausea, headaches and sometimes a fever. Diarrhea and vomiting can also be experienced once the virus goes into full force. So if you feel sick and all the action seems to be revolved around your abdominal area than chances are you could have the stomach virus.

Stomach Virus Treatment

Having the stomach flu is not something you’re going to enjoy and you should be willing to do whatever it takes to ease and speed up the process to get back to 100%. This may involve eating or drinking things you may not normally have. Mild foods like soups or chicken broth are easy on the stomach, easy to eat  and highly recommended. You’re going to want to stay away from foods and drinks with a lot of acid like apple juice or orange juice. Dairy products are also something to stay clear of. Deep fried snacks and anything with caffeine in it should be an obvious thing to avoid with the stomach virus.

Stomach Flu Foods You Can Eat

When you have the stomach virus your body will be dehydrated and be lacking required vitamins and minerals because you more often than not have more coming out than going in. You will want to drink lots of vitamin and mineral rich liquids like vitamin water, and sports drinks like Gatorade or Powerade for the electrolytes. Even if you don’t feel like drinking or you don’t feel thirsty, force yourself to drink as much as possible as this will only help you recover faster and feel better during the whole process. Soups and broths are also great food ideas that are easy to eat and digest with the stomach virus.

Stomach Virus Prevention

Children most commonly get infected at school and playgrounds so watch for that and ask questions about their classmates and who is sick. Adults are commonly infected at work, on public transportation or high traffic areas like malls, concerts, clubs or bars. Human bodily fluid can be transferred extremely easily so take care when dealing with food, shaking hands with people, kissing etc. Be sure to wash your hands during the stomach virus season (October to Feb) more than usual, especially before and after any meals. Having contaminated food or hands is one of the most common ways the virus is transmitted from person to person. Finally, maintaining a clean surrounding and good hygeine is another great way of preventing the risk of getting the stomach virus.

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  1. This was great help , My daughter has the stomach virus and i had no idea what to do.

  2. I have the stomach virus and i haven’t been able to eat anything i can only drink fluids i had the virus going on the 8th day now i have lost 7lbs so far and i don’t know what else to do could you give me any advice that could help me get better

  3. im 17 im a boy .. ive had it for 5 days now . but i dont feel like eatin or anything . idrknk alot of water and hydralyt .. but my eyes feel heavy and i keep peeing alot i woke up in the morning wit 3 or 4 poos i need hellp

  4. I’ve. Been. Sick. For a week with this. Shit. Can’t get right. What to do? Help

  5. my daughter she is only two in a half and she has been diagnose
    with stomach virus since September or October and i dont know wut to do her doctor only tells me the it will go away by itself but it doesnt n im worry. dont know wut to do i wish she never had

  6. michele blackmon

    Should you take Probiotics to aid with a stomach virus

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