Forensic Nursing – The Facts


Forensic nursing is a term that was invented around 1992 and it was coined out by a team who consisted of seventy nurses who were experts in sexual assault examination. In the end, this has lead to the inception of an organization that was called IAFN or the International Association of Forensic Nurses. Today, this stands as the official organization for the nurses worldwide.

Forensic nursing is a domain that involves taking care of people who have suffered deadly attacks. The nurses will have evidence collected from the victims. The nurses are working hand in hand with the judicial system.

But when it comes to the responsibilities and duties of such a nurse, they will generally depend on the specialization of the nurse. There are nurses who are specialized in examining victims who have been victims of a sexual attack; some will perform death investigations while others will just work with criminals in prison. School children who have really gone off track will also be people whom the nurses will be able to help a lot and provide them with the aid they need. Also, they can have their colleagues trained so that they will know how to deal with injured patients.

If you are not yet a forensic nurse, then you will be able to have your specialization done in Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner, Forensic Nurse Investigator, Forensic Gerontology Specialist, Legal Nurse Consultant, Correctional Nursing Specialist and many more.

You will never have problems if you want to get hired as a forensic nurse. And this is because of the fact that you will always be in for a job opportunity as the industry today is very much in demand of such services. You will be able to work almost anywhere you want, as this is a job that pays well and it is also very much sought after.

Your salary is also good and it will mostly depend on your specialization. If you are a nurse and you are working as an independent consultant, then you will be able to earn a lot for the hours you will work. But there are also full time employees who will be working in the medical examiners’ office, just day shifts, earning less.

In the end, it matters if you would like to do something like this and the rest of the things will follow. Make sure that you will attend the proper schools for this.

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