DIY Ombre Hair How To: The Latest In Hair Trends

Ombre Hair is currently the hottest hair trend in celebrity woman. Messy is the new sexy for woman when it comes to hair styles, just like it has been for men for years now. Ombre hair is basically a dark root to a light tip in a gradient process. In english, it’s a dark root that gradually gets lighter to the tip. Some are calling it a lazy look, questioning whether some of these celebs are doing it on purpose, or just haven’t gone for a touch up yet. This begs the question, was the Ombre Hair trend an accident? Who knows, and who cares! What we do know is its hot, easy and here to stay.

If you want this Ombre hair look, and don’t wait to wait for you roots to grow out, you could try manually dying your tips with a lighter color than your base. Two important tips to remember if you are going to try this route to avoid a hard clash line of dark and light is:

Ombre hair how to

1. Put the paste on thick at the bottom of the tip, and gradually get less generous with the aplication as you get higher up your hair until your at the half way point, or the height you desire.

2. Rinse off the paste at the highest level first, about 1 to 2 inches worth, and then give the next section 2-3 minutes before rinsing, etc. until you get to your tip.

That’s 3 easy diy ombre hair steps to get you this hot new look in just minutes. Why complicate something that is so easy to accomplish? If you’re looking for a fresh look to your hairstyle then this ombre hair style is one you should consider. It’s not drastic where you have to worry about the results either.

A little tip I found is with the right lip stick or lip gloss you can really compliment the highlights as well as bring out your lips and eyes in the process making them look bigger. So experiment with the right combination for you to achieve the best looking results.

Here are some celebs rockin the Ombre Hair trend at its finest. Notice in each of these celebs all of their lips seem to attract some extra attention from their ombre highlights.

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