How To Become A Paramedic

How To Become A Paramedic

Have you ever wondered about how to become a paramedic? Do you dream of riding to the rescue of the critically injured? Then maybe you should look into the hard facts of becoming a paramedic.

You will need to have a high school diploma in order to enter a paramedic training program. You will also need to be certified in CPR in order to begin training as an Emergency Medical Technician.

You should also consider whether you have the right personal traits. You need to be emotionally stable in situations of extreme stress. You will need physical strength and coordination to do a paramedic’s job.

There are three levels of EMT training: Basic, Intermediate and Paramedic. Basic training last three to six months and is available at most community colleges. All EMTs start with Basic training and then must take the National Registry EMT-Basic exam. Successfully passing this difficult exam opens up the possibility of going on to Intermediate or Paramedic training.

After completing EMT-B training and certification, the best next step is to seek work as an EMT-B. There are many situations in emergency medical services that you can only understand through experience. It is best to start getting extensive hands-on experience right away.

Many schools will require a year’s experience as an EMT-B before you can begin EMT-Paramedic training. Some will accept a documented history of having responded to certain number of emergency calls instead. The number of calls is generally a three-digit figure.

Actual training as a paramedic requires a great deal of challenging academic work. It is likely that advanced classes in human physiology and anatomy will be part of your program. You will take an IV class and become IV certified. You will take an EKG interpretation class. Most programs will require that you complete college-level courses in English, general biology and mathematics. Training and formal certification in multiple varieties of life support is required.

EMT-Paramedic training programs are sometimes split into two phases. In a twelve month course, the first six months will spent be in the classroom. The final six month training period is spent doing hands-on work in a hospital.

Once you have completed formal EMT-Paramedic training, you must pass the National Registry’s EMT-Paramedic exam. If you thought the EMT-B exam was difficult, then prepare to have your goalposts moved by the EMT-Paramedic exam. Fortunately, many useful study texts are available. It would be very wise to study hard.

You must pass a criminal background check in order to be licensed as a paramedic.

Licensed paramedics must renew their licenses periodically. There is generally a continuing education requirement in order to remain licensed. In most states, you will need to undergo the certification process again every two or three years.

So do you still want to become a paramedic? Do you think you are up to the difficulties involved? If you are not put off by the challenges after investigating how to become a paramedic, then a difficult yet rewarding path lies in front of you.

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