How To Get Rid Of A Cough Fast

How To Get Rid Of A Cough

Some people get coughs and take forever to clear their body of coughing. This article will inform you how to get rid a cough that comes with colds or the flu. You will also learn how to get rid of a cough forever. If you follow this advice you may never have a serious cold or flu again.

Colds and flu come with coughs of varying severity. There are several things to do if you know how to get rid of a cough.  The first thing is to make sure you are getting enough liquids. You should already be drinking three large glasses of clean water daily. That should go up to four glasses a day when you have a cold or the flu that comes with a cough.

The second thing to do, when possible, is take a hot steamy shower. Do some deep breathing exercises pulling steam into your lungs as much as possible. When you start to feel the urge to cough, bend over facing forward. Continue to keep warm to hot water flowing over your upper body and head. This will help bring up and out any phlegm stuck in your lungs or trachea. Do this at least twice a day. When you do cough up phlegm, check the color if possible. Colour that is yellow to olive green means you need a prescription for antibiotics. You need to go to a doctor to get antibiotics because that coloring means you have a bacterial infection.

Whether or not the doctor prescribed antibiotics, or if you never needed them, in two or three days your cough will go away if you keep up the steam treatments. It does not hurt to use cough syrups or lozenges except for one point. Some cough treatments function to help expel mucus from your body. That type of over medication is an expectorant. Other cough treatments function to help you stop dry coughing. That cough is dry because you have already cleared your airways.  Now you know how to get rid of a cough when you are sick.

Once you have recovered from your cold or flu and your cough is gone, there is something to help you never have a serious cold, flu or cough again. If you follow this simple, safe advice, you will know how to get rid of a cough forever.

There is a spice in Asia called Turmeric. If you look up information on this spice you may feel what you read is impossible. Turmeric (Kunyit) receives credit for helping relieve symptoms of, or even curing, so many diseases and aliments it seems impossible. Actually what this wonder spice does is increase your body’s natural immune system.

Add Turmeric to your diet for six months. Eat food with this spice one meal a day. After six months, you will see for yourself how healthy you feel. This spice cured my deadly chronic coughing that plagued me for fifty years, something no doctor could ever accomplish.

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