Yohimbe Side Effects – Information Regarding its Effects

Yohimebe is a tree that contains yohimibine, a chemical that is used for medical products that aims to aid sexual performance by treating erectile dysfunction. It is also used as supplement for people suffering from SSRI (Selective Serotonin reuptake inhibitors) as a result of taking medicines to cure anxiety and other medical disorders. Athletes also use products, which contain this chemical to enhance their performance during games or competitions. According to manufacturers of products using this chemical, other diseases or medical conditions that are helped by this chemical are chest pains, fatigue, nerve pains, depressions, weight loss and dizziness due to high or low blood pressure.  These claims, however, have not been properly tested. Medical advice is needed before taking a product with this chemical to aim treat any of the mentioned diseases.

People with issues regarding their sexual performance opt to drink products that contain this substance to help with their problems. Normally, they ingest 15 to 30 mg of yohibimine daily. This is known to be the safest amount of consumption for this very powerful ingredient. Although there are some people who tried 100 mg doses and had no complications, this might still pose medical problems to most takers.    

Yohibime Side Effects

There have been many reports that are linked to Yohibime side effects. There are many people who allegedly ingest products containing this chemical and claimed that they suffered various Yohibime side effects. While this chemical is an active ingredient of many prescriptive drugs distributed in the market, there should be proper monitoring of the dosage being ingested by people; invalid amount of intake can subject the taker to various serious side effects.

 Common Complaint

Typically, taking yohibime can cause anxiety, irritability, irregular heartbeat, indigestion, sleep disorder, development of rashes, bloating, vomiting, tremor, nervousness, dizzy spells, drooling, sinus problems, headache, high blood pressure and stomach ache.

Overused of this chemical can cause greater side effects like shortness of breath, heart ailments, paralysis and may even be fatal due to complications.  

Various Side Effects on Special Cases

Some people suffering from prostate problems reported that drinking products containing this ingredient worsen their condition. People who are pregnant and are breastfeeding are discouraged to ingest this chemical as this affect uterus and can eventually pose risk to the pregnancy. A chemical as strong as this may also poison an infant if taken by a nursing mother.

Yohibime is also known to affect the person’s urination. People with kidney problems should not take this as this may stop the person from urinating regularly that can have complication to the existing condition. People with blood pressure problems should also avoid using this; it is reported that it can worsen high blood pressure and also affect low blood pressure especially if taken in large amount.

People with heart ailment, diabetes, anxiety disorders and other diseases that are being treated with prescriptive medications should avoid using products with yohibimine as the active ingredients unless it has been evaluated and approved by their doctors. Before taking these products, make sure that you have received a clearance from your doctor regarding this.

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