British men with premature ejaculation suffer in silence

The survey, which was conducted  by the high street pharmacy chain Boots, has expressed images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQ9DPnEJZaoyRxI-7ZfiJoconcerns that a large number of british men are not getting the help they need to overcome the devastating sexual condition.

According to the study an astounding 68% of men in the U.K suffer from premature ejaculation. Most of the men polled said that premature ejaculation had dented their self-esteem, and impacted on their relationship. Yet two thirds of the married men who were questioned said they would not seek out any help from their doctor.

One specialist, Colm O’Mahony, who is a consultant physician in sexual health at Chester Hospital, explained that the most shocking thing to come out of the research is not the number of men that have premature ejaculation, but the low number who seem to be looking for support.

“Although extremely widespread, the taboo nature of these problems means that most sufferers do not seek help,” Colm O’Mahony told the Daily Mail.

“Stigma, shame, concern for their partner’s reaction, and sometimes denial, all play a part. Many endure in silence, believing that the problem is transient, and that no help is available.”

O’Mahony continued to say: “It can be crushing. Guys get worn down and when you fix them, the change in their demeanour is dramatic. The woman will say she has got her cheerful, friendly husband back, instead of a morose, grumpy chap.”

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