Ejaculation Trainer Review – Any Good?

Recently I purchased the Ejaculation Trainer E-book for my husband.  There are a few other e-books on the market today to help with this problem as well as a handful of other products including creams, drugs, and scary contraptions.  In the end I am very pleased that we decided to purchase and explore this e-book together.

I was a bit upset as I read Ejaculation Trainer and found that the language was really quite offensive at times.  I am not an uptight person and I am not someone who is easily offended but the  book was not written in a very professional way.  The first things that I learned in the book was a wide variety of information on premature ejaculation. 

This was very interesting as the author explores all of the ways that premature ejaculation is affected by our brains and our thoughts.  Then he moves on to discuss how there are many different stages of arousal and how the brain must become aware of each one of them.  To be able to master the plan that is part of Ejaculation Traineryou must understand this information.

Then with Ejaculation Trainer you will learn how to use different techniques and exercises to learn how to control when you ejaculate.  This part is very well described and it actually explains everything well.  The explanations include how to do the exercises, how often you should do the exercises and how many exercises you should do.

Now the next part of the book did not seem to be anything that my husband and I believed in but maybe if you do believe in it then it could possibly work for you.  This part of the book discusses how you should work on how energy transfers.  Personally I think that the rest of the Ejaculation Trainer program did not need this information.

My husband was actually able to last longer in bed from the beginning of using the program.  The best parts of this exciting e-book were the descriptions of the brain and premature ejaculation, instructions and exercises, and the fact that my husband no longer suffers from premature ejaculation.  The worst parts of Ejaculation Trainer included the offensive language that was used, the fact that there were a lot of fillers, and the parts about energy transfer.

All in all the program is something that I would recommend to anyone who is suffering from premature ejaculation.  Ejaculation Trainer really was a miracle find for my husband and me.  It has probably saved our marriage bringing back the spunk and vitality to our sex life.

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