The Truth Behind Burning Stomach Fat

Targeted weight loss is revered as the most challenging aspect of achieving health and wellness goals.  The prevailing notion is that little can be done about fat around the stomach and core area.  This thought is discouraging for the majority of people who are looking to lose weight because generally, it is THE spot where the most change is desired. This article uncovers the realities behind these prevalent notions and offers a no-hype approach to understand the dreaded belly fat that so many people want to lose.

First, it’s important to understand that men and women are different when it comes to the location of their weight gain.  Women tend to expand around the hips while men accumulate that awful spare tire or ‘beer gut’ in the front.  Accordingly, we cannot expect the same methods to work for both men and women, especially when considering the contrast in desired physical goals (men want the 6-pack and women want a toned core).  This lesson comes in handy when we look at how to tackle each in the following paragraphs.

Women can benefit from the ABC’s of burning stomach fat.  It’s a simple acronym that anyone can remember: Aerobics Burn Calories! Moving your body is the first in the right direction to anywhere! It’s absolutely essential that regular aerobic exercise become a regular part of anyone’s lifestyle if they want to see lasting and effective fat loss around their core and stomach area.  Of course, there is plenty more but we have to get to the men.

Men may have an easier time burning stomach fat than women, but they most certainly have a more difficult time achieving their desired abdominal definition.  The fastest way to do this is selfless discipline and sacrifice, but that’s not what we’re recommending; instead, incorporate more cardio into your fitness routines but most importantly focus on your legs more than you ever have before.  Your core is what balances you during every leg exercise, without exception, so a more rigorous leg routine is the best way to address that nasty pouch below the belly button.

This article’s primary focus was clearly on exercise, and while regular exercise is crucial to any fitness regimen, food is often the largest obstacle.  It is important to educate yourself and practice proper nutritional habits if you are continue burning stomach fat on a regular basis.  Ultimately, it is important to understand that losing unwanted belly fat is a very real prospect worth pursuing, and its one that deserves the attention it requires.

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