Becoming a Neonatal Nurse (NN)

If you are someone who is just fascinated about medicine and taking care of people and also saving people’s lives, then I am absolutely sure that you have thought about becoming a neonatal nurse. This is something at more and more people are considering, because it is a job that pays very well and you will never have to put too much work into it. If you love to help people out and you also love the company of many people, then this job was made for you. You should know that not everyone can attend this job and you will need to have a special care and compassion for people and know how to attend their needs and supply them with everything they need so that they can go through the day smiling.

You should be prepared for taking urine samples, taking the blood pressure of patients, talking to them when they will need a kind word and so on. So yes, it means that you will need to have a certain dose of people skills. Also, if you do not have a strong stomach, you will have a hard time doing this job. This is because you will have to sometimes deal with certain odors that will likely not make you feel that good. One of them involves taking urine samples. Also, applying bandages on wounds is something that might scare many people away, especially those that suffer from homophobia. If you are one such person, then you will have some problems with this job.

When it comes to the salary of this job, you should know that this is one of the most cheering features of this type of job. It is very high and you will be able to earn as much as forty or fifty dollars per hour, which is a lot nonetheless. Also, you will be able to advance in time, so that after a year you will get to have a higher pay. Most such nurse will earn from 95 thousand dollars a year up to one hundred and thirty five. That is a lot, I know.

The working hours are also a very interesting topic for many individuals that consider attending this type of job. You should know that there will also be times when you will be required to stay more than you normal schedule, so you should be prepared for some extra hours. Do not worry, as most of the times they will be paid, as you are doing extra hours.

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  1. I want to become a Neonatal nurse but rite now im still in high school. F
    For next year im taking a medicine class, a child development class and i signed up for a program at my school which is called “child guidence program”.
    -I would like to know if this classes would help to get into college for a Neonatal Nurse? would this classes help me at all for college? or is their any other classes i can take that would make it easier for me to get into college?

  2. I’m so interested in neonatal nursing. I want to get my AA before i graduate high school and so on.. what classes should i take?

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