Don’t Touch My Junk song composer posts commentary on TSA and the Bill of Rights

(NaturalNews) By popular request, I’ve posted a commentary video that provides background information on the creation of the song as well as some blunt talk about security, freedom, the TSA and the Bill of Rights.

This Don’t Touch My Junk commentary video is available at:

It’s nearly one hour long. Here’s what’s in it:

0:00 – 12:00 Details on how the song was created, where the lyrics came from, how the video was put together, why we subtitled the video, my personal productivity habits and more.

13:50 – 55:19 A discussion of security vs. freedom, the Bill of Rights, American history and the founding fathers, the American Revolutionary War, how governments become tyrannical over time, why the government must answer to the People, the first Ten Amendments, quotes from Benjamin Franklin, the real purpose behind the TSA’s security screening and more.

This commentary provides an unusually direct and uncensored discussion of freedom issues that should matter to all Americans.

Watch the video (for free) at NaturalNews.TV:

Stand up for your freedom!

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