Florida professor arrested after carrying suspicious bagel on airplane

(NaturalNews) If you carry bagels or other food items with you on an airplane these days, you’d far better paint them red white and blue just to make positive all the passengers about you know you’re genuinely an American. Otherwise, they just may turn you in. In but yet another case of air passengers turning into in-flight SS troops, a Florida professor was arrested, handcuffed and removed from a plane when his fellow passengers reported he had a “suspicious-searching bag” in his hands.

The contents of that suspicious-looking bag turned out to be a bagel with cream cheese, a set of keys and a hat.

But in America’s ultra-paranoid atmosphere exactly where the U.S. government really encourages individuals to spy on every single other (http://www.naturalnews.com/030648_Wal-Mart_suspicious_activity.html), apparently just about anything can set off the suspicions of the citizens’ secret police. Possibly you talk funny, or walk funny or just appear funny. Possibly your skin isn’t white. Possibly you speak with some sort of foreign accent which, as all Americans already know, implies you must be a terrorist.

Possibly you pay with money instead of a credit card. What? Only a terrorist would carry money! Or maybe you are just “suspiciously minding your own business” and not chatting it up with all the other men and women around you. That makes you a potential terrorist, too, didn’t you know?

I can’t wait to see how speedily I’ll be arrested on my next flight. I bring superfood powders and a Blender Bottle with that springy metal mixer inside. So in the course of the flight, I’m sitting there mixing water and powders like some sort of mad chemist. Some nutritional noob sitting nearby would no doubt have no clue what was genuinely going on and almost certainly call the flight attendant to report, in secretive tones, “There’s a strange man sitting over there mixing up a bomb!”

And that’s all it would take. The FBI’s anti-terrorism unit would be known as out, the plane would be diverted to the nearest landing strip, the on-board Air Marshall would pull a gun on me, and I’d be arrested upon landing, then interrogated for 48 hours beneath the U.S. Patriot Act (no far more Bill of Rights, see?) for the mere act of drinking superfoods on a flight.

Obama becomes Bush
This is no exaggeration, by the way. The paranoia has reached precisely such a level on airplanes crossing the skies of America today. This is all due to government-sponsored paranoia and the notion that folks ought to all spy on every single other. Just today, the Obama administration, which was elected primarily to oppose the secret prisons and fear-mongering of the Bush administration, has now announced that federal agencies ought to all spy on their employees to stop future Wikileaks incidents (http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/40916433/ns/us_news-wikileaks_in_security).

Now, the mere act of not being a “happy” federal employee makes you a suspicious target for becoming spied on, too. This just gets far more and more like 1984 all the time, doesn’t it?

Be sure to watch my “report suspicious behavior at Wal-Mart” video at: http://www.naturalnews.tv/v.asp?v=5A4B5D4B84344D5D9CBD262A53D8B071

Oh, and don’t bring a bagel on any flights. Your typical corn-fed American thinks a bagel is “foreign food” and it instantly raises red flags that you may be a terrorist. Identical story with hummous. Actually, hummous is even more suspicious and can earn you a trip to Guantanamo Bay just for mentioning it, due to the fact your typical TSA moron can’t differentiate in between “hummous” and “Hamas.” They feel “hummous” is a terrorist group.

The whole factor is so sadly laughable. Instead of addressing the genuine threats to America (such as the Federal Reserve and the FDA), the U.S. government turns the citizenry into a network of secret spies who now accuse each other of being terrorists for issues like going to the bathroom too numerous instances throughout a flight. (I drank some watermelon juice, okay?)

If you really want to guard the safety of the American individuals, just dismantle the FDA and end the government-protected monopolies for Big Pharma and conventional medicine. You would save upwards of various hundred thousand lives a year just from the lower in deaths brought on by the medical business.

Large Pharma’s FDA-approved drugs, just by themselves, kill roughly 30 times the amount of Americans killed in 9/11 — every year! That’s why the FDA is far far more hazardous than any terrorism group (http://www.naturalnews.com/009278.html).

In truth, the most suspicious person on an airplane these days should be a drug company CEO. There’s a terrorist if I ever saw 1. An individual call 911.

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