Health Ranger: Fifteen important things I’m thankful for on this Thanksgiving

(NaturalNews) I always enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday because it reminds me to be thankful for what we have. And today, I’m publishing a list of 25 things I’m personally thankful for this year.

Just for the record, though, I want to say that I am personally opposed to the widespread killing of factory-farmed turkeys for the Thanksgiving holiday. That is an atrocity against animals, and I take no part in that. (I’m eating a vegetarian meal this Thanksgiving.)

Nevertheless, I do like to use this holiday as a time to remember to be thankful for the many things we are blessed with. Here’s my list of the top 15 things, in no particular order, that I am thankful for this Thanksgiving.

My top 15 things to be thankful for
#1 – Free Speech. Without the Free Speech protections provided under the U.S. Constitution and its Bill of Rights, NaturalNews simply would not exist. Free Speech allows us to pursue other freedoms while exposing the lies of Big Government and corrupt corporations.

#2 – Superfoods. Today we have access to more amazing superfoods than at any other time in the history of the world. If we choose, we can be healthier today than our grandparents could have ever dreamed!

#3 – NaturalNews readers. I’m incredibly thankful for all the readership and support from NaturalNews fans and readers. Without your feedback, suggestions and support of our sponsors, our work would be impossible and we simply wouldn’t exist.

#4 – Medicinal plants and seeds. Mother Nature provides so many answers for us that we haven’t even begun to tap into the full wisdom of medicinal plants. The long-term answers for human survival are to be found in nature, not in synthetic chemicals.

#5 – Sunshine. Without the sun, we wouldn’t even be alive, of course. Sunlight gives us vitamin D, mood enhancements, warmth and energy for the plants that sustain life on our planet.

#6 – The internet. Yes, the internet. Without it, we would all be information slaves to the corporate-controlled media. But the internet has shifted the playing field to where small, independent publishers like NaturalNews can reach millions of readers without the corporate control that persists in the mainstream media.

#7 – Human immune system. I don’t know about you, but I’m extremely thankful for my immune system. When given proper nutrients, it works better than any medical technology in the world, far surpassing the efficacy of vaccines, drugs or anything made by Man. My immune system has kept me healthy and symptom-free through the Bird Flu, the Swine Flu and seasonal flu, and I never get vaccinated. (Why would I?)

#8 – Intelligent, informed people. Even though we live in a world of zombie people who forgot how to think for themselves, I’m always impressed by the amazing number of truly intelligent, thoughtful individuals I do meet — people who are natural-born skeptics and who intelligently question everything going on around them in order to arrive at the deeper truths of our world. Kudos to all of you, as I believe you are the individuals who represent the future of human civilization.

#9 – The mainstream media. I’m thankful for the mainstream media because it is a daily source of humor, and laughter is good for your immune system. By reading the hilarious stories published in the MSM, you can actually help prevent the flu!

#10 – Our good health. I am thankful for the health I have — and the health YOU have — so that each day we may continue our important work of educating others, sharing the good news about natural health and enjoying our long lives as healthy, happy people.

#11 – Animal friends. Don’t you love having animals as companions? Let’s all continue to spread the word about how intelligent animals are so that we can work to enlighten others to the simple truth that animals have consciousness.

#12 – Organic foods and small family farms. I’m thankful for organic foods and small family farms, including raw milk producers. I’m also thankful for CSA organizations who provide local, organic food grown on local farms.

#13 – God, nature and a greater creative force. Call it what you wish — God, Mother Nature, the Creator, etc. — but I’m thankful that we are blessed with a greater creative power in the universe.

#14 – U.S. soldiers and veterans. I’m thankful for the fact that soldiers have helped defend the freedoms and interests of America in the past several decades, and I only hope that our government would use these soldiers less and bring them home more.

#15 – Human consciousness. I’m especially thankful we have human consciousness, otherwise this would all be some sort of meaningless exercise carried out by automatons. Interestingly, most “skeptics” in the so-called “scientific” community literally do not believe there is such a thing as consciousness, so they technically have nothing to be thankful for!

Bonus item #1 – The strong nuclear force “cosmic coincidence.” I’m thankful that the strong nuclear force isn’t slightly stronger, because if it were, the universe would have no hydrogen, which means virtually no stars, no water (H2O, remember?) and no life. We live in a universe full of life that would not be possible if the strong nuclear force constant were off by a mere 2%.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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