NaturalNews readers raise $30,000 to fight GMOs through Institute for Responsible Technology

(NaturalNews) It’s official: NaturalNews readers have raised over $ 20,000 for the Institute for Responsible Technology. With our matching donation of $ 10,000, we have combined to raise over $ 30,000 for the support of the IRT and its important work opposing GMOs. (That’s $ 10,000 over our original goal of $ 20k.)

Jeffrey Smith, the executive director of the IRT, wanted me to share this special thank-you message with NaturalNews readers:

A thank you from Jeffrey Smith
I want to give a special thank you to Mike Adams and to all the subscribers of NaturalNews for your generous and heartfelt contributions towards our work to end the genetic engineering of the food supply. Your support will help us with our BIG PLANS for 2011.

We’re now setting up the infrastructure to support community Non-GMO Working Groups around the nation, as well as national Working Groups-each focused on outreach to a specific demographic such as healthcare practitioners, parents, youth, schools, chefs, health-conscious shoppers, etc.

Our target is to convince about 5% of US shoppers to avoid GM brands, which should be enough purchasing clout to force major companies to eliminate GM ingredients altogether.

We’re looking for volunteer advocates to spark this non-GMO revolution, and the conscious people who read NaturalNews are a terrific source. You can help simply by posting and forwarding information via email or Facebook, or by joining or leading a community or national working group. Sign up for our free twice-monthly newsletter (comes out about twice a month) and we’ll send you the notice when we are ready to enlist your participation.

I also want to shout out to Mike-Your rap song is marvelous, your dedication to spreading the word about GMOs is keeping a lot of people healthier and happier, and your contribution is already bearing non-GMO fruit. Way to go!

– Jeffrey Smith, executive director, Institute for Responsible Technology

Other actions you can take
The no-GMO revolution has just begun! This grassroots movement is gaining strength each day as more and more people become aware of the dangers of genetically modified foods. People are outraged at the fact that in America today, there is no requirement that GMO foods even been labeled!

People deserve to know what they’re eating. It’s a basic human right. And they deserve to have the freedom to choose to avoid GMOs at the grocery store.

That’s what Jeffrey Smith and NaturalNews are fighting for: Your right to be informed and to make a free choice about what you want to eat. For those people who wish to poison themselves with genetically modified food, that’s their own choice. But for the rest of us who wish to avoid GMOs, we have a right to know which foods contain GMOs.

Your support of the IRT is already making a difference in this important fight. And your ongoing support of NaturalNews is what has allowed us to donate $ 10,000 alongside your contributions, too. Thank you for helping us experience the kind of online success necessary to make important donations like this.

Oh, and if you haven’t yet heard the “Just Say No to GMO” song, which Ronnie Cummins from the Organic Consumers Association calls “the Battle Hymn for our new Organic Republic,” you can download the song (for free) at

Or watch the music video at:

Thank you again for your support. We did it!

NaturalNews will continue to work alongside the IRT to publicize their announcements, documentary film clips and other important news items on this issue of GMOs.

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