New animation reveals the truth about statin drugs and their dangerous side effects

(NaturalNews) We’ve just released a new, short animation exposing the truth about the dangers of statin drugs. Called “The Truth About Statin Drugs,” this public service announcement animation quotes research published in the British Medical Journal which reveals that statin drugs cause liver dysfunction, acute kidney failure, cataracts and extreme muscle weakness, among other serious side effects.

The animation video is available on www.NaturalNews.TV at:

I created this public service video with the help of a voice talent professional who did the narration voiceover. The character “hmmm?” sound effect is actually my own voice.

This was animated by our in-house animator who also animated the Vaccine Zombie music video (

People don’t realize how dangerous statin drugs can really be
The reason I chose to produce this animation is because so many people are on statin drugs and yet they have no idea how harmful they are. I work out quite a bit, and recently at the gym, I saw three guys working out in a mini boot camp style, and one of the guys just couldn’t hack it. Even though he looked fit, he was completely fatigued after just a few minutes of exercise, he collapsed onto the floor, exhausted.

I immediately suspected this was a statin drug reaction, so I walked over to the guy and asked him if he was taking statins for high cholesterol. He look at me with bewilderment, and then answered, “Yes, I’m on a prescription recommended by my doctor.”

To that, I asked, “Are you aware that the statin drugs are most likely the cause of your fatigue and exhaustion? They cause extreme muscle weakness as one of their side effects.”

The guy seemed astonished. He had never heard that before. Most people have never heard that. Doctors have rarely heard it, too. (They don’t often know the side effects of the drugs they prescribe!)

That’s the point of this animation: To get people to think about what they swallow. Gulping down synthetic chemicals is not the pathway to health. It’s actually a pathway to ongoing disease and medical victimization by Big Pharma and the conventional medical industry. High cholesterol can be very easily normalized through simple changes in diet and exercise, with no dangerous chemical medications needed!

Please share this animation with others. Spread the word about the dangers of statin drugs, and help encourage people to use healing foods, not dangerous chemicals, to support their health.

We have more animations on the way from NaturalNews! And thank you for your continued support of our website, our store and our sponsors. It is your support that allows us to hire an in-house animator and produce these kinds of public service announcement animations.

Lots more to come!

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