Senate delays S 510 food safety bill vote until Tuesday

(NaturalNews) Slammed by a barrage of phone calls and emails today that the mainstream media isn’t even reporting, the U.S. Senate today has decided to postpone their vote on S.510 — the Food Safety Modernization Act — until Tuesday morning.

Internet reports that S.510 has already passed are incorrect. The final bill has not yet been voted on (only a motion to move forward was voted on).

Still up for debate are two amendments to the bill from Sen. Tom Coburn, who is seeking to scale down the bill and make it smaller and less expensive. A second proposed amendment would end Congressional “earmarks” — a tool of financial corruption that lawmakers use to hand out government money to the corporations and special interest groups that got them elected in the first place. I watched a live C-SPAN video tonight of a pathetic-sounding Senator from Hawaii arguing that earmarks should stay in place because it gives Congress more power (seriously).

The vote on the amendment that would repeal the 1099 IRS reporting requirement for small businesses failed, leaving America’s small business owners frantically looking for ways to move their businesses offshore before this outrageous new paperwork requirement kicks in by early 2011. (

It was virtually all Democrats, by the way, who voted to keep this outrageous 1099 law in place. ( It’s almost as if the Democratic Senators can’t wait to drive U.S. small business owners out of the country and destroy the U.S. economy in the process.

On the S 510 bill itself, our hope now rests with Senator Tom Coburn’s amendments as well as the possibility that more Senators will reconsider their positions on this bill and come out tomorrow to oppose it.

Mainstream media lies about S.510
There’s no question that Senators’ offices today were hit with a barrage of phone calls and emails from people voicing their opposition to the bill. Not surprisingly, mainstream newspapers published articles strongly supporting S.510 — they’ve never seen a Big Brother expansion of power they didn’t like!

We’ve also recently been reminded that mainstream media publishers will simply lie to their readers on important issues regarding freedom. For example, recent MSM reports about the TSA and the “National Opt Out Day” conveniently and deliberately leave out the fact that the TSA turned off their naked body scanner machines for the day, and that’s why no one had the opportunity to protest. (Funny how the big newspapers never bother to mention this all-important fact when covering the story. They just claim the protests were a failure because no one protested.)

Sadly, it looks like S.510 is likely to pass, and that means Americans should get ready to endure yet another Gestapo agency (the FDA) running rampant over their food, gardens and seeds. As if there weren’t government agents taking away our rights already, now the FDA is going to be able to show up at small farms and greenhouses and, at gunpoint, demand, “Show us your papers!”

NaturalNews plans to publish the names of all the U.S. Senators who vote for this tyranny, and they will join our “Hall of Shame” of legislators who our founding fathers like Thomas Jefferson would have considered treasonous in their shameful betrayal of the rights of individual citizens and small farmers.

Why we need to delineate the right to grow food in the next Bill of Rights
This also reminds me to point out that after the U.S. collapses from total financial and moral bankruptcy — which seems to be getting closer by the day — we must all remember that in the next society, we need to add “The Right to Grow, Harvest and Exchange Our Own Food” into the next Bill of Rights. Because that’s exactly what’s being stripped away from the American people with the passage of S.510.

Remember, too, that the FDA already took away your right to learn the truth about nutritional supplements and natural remedies. It has sought to destroy the natural products industry. Now it’s poised to take away your access to raw milk and fresh, organic produce grown by small, local farms. If you thought the TSA being in your pants was a big problem, just wait until the FDA gets into your garden.

The people who are in support of this bill — including several big-name food authors who should frankly know better — are selling out to the agricultural giants and aligning themselves with the dark powers in government who seek to destroy food freedom.

“Food is no less a weapon than tanks, guns, and planes.” said Franklin D. Roosevelt. And now the U.S. Senate is making sure that food controls can be used against the American people in exactly the same way the Patriot Act is now being used to crush our civil liberties.

Buy seeds while you can, folks. The government is about to take away your right to food, and before long, people will start being arrested as “seed smugglers” just as small dairy farmers are now being raided at gunpoint for selling fresh cow’s milk. The passage of S.510 marks the beginning of food tyranny in America, and I fear this chapter in our history will not be played out without violence and bloodshed at the hands of a tyrannical government which has abandoned any remaining belief in the freedom of the American people.

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