Superfood seeds allow you to grow your own medicine and nutrition in your back yard

(NaturalNews) The only thing better than buying superfoods is growing them yourself. Imagine growing and harvesting your own astragalus, goji berries, maca and holy basil. Harvesting and eating these herbs and superfoods fresh out of the dirt is always superior to buying them in powder form.

But to grow them yourself, of course, you need seeds. So where do you get seeds that are non-GMO, organic, wildcrafted and can be trusted to be viable?

I’m thrilled to announce that we’ve begun carrying a line of wildcrafted and organic superfood seeds from a great company called Blackbird Naturals that redirects 100% of its profits back to replanting organic gardens.

Click here to see the varieties of herb seeds and superfood seeds available at the NaturalNews store.

The best deal is the Superfood Seed Collection, which ships in a nice, small wooden gift box with each individual seed type packed in a small seed tin. It really makes a great gift pack. It looks like a gift, and it wraps like a gift, too. Inside, you’ll find the following:

• Astragulus Seed Pack – 45 seeds
• Burdock Seed Pack – 30 seeds
• Calendula Seed Pack – 80 seeds
• Dandelion Seed Pack – 200 Seeds
• Goji Berry Seed Pack – 15 berries (1500 seeds)
• Holy Basil Seed Pack – 100 Seeds
• Lamb’s Quarters Seed Pack – 350 seeds
• Maca Seed Pack – 45 seeds
• Milk Thistle Seed Pack – 100 seeds
• Nettles Seed Pack – 200 seeds
• White Sage Seed Pack – 100 seeds
• Wild Cherry Tomato Seed Pack – 100 seeds
• Wild Mountain Spinach Seed Pack – 60 Seeds

Click here to see this Superfood Seed Collection Box.

Grow your own immune-boosting plants!
It’s a lot of fun to grow your own medicinal herbs! By consuming the herbs you grow, you can enhance and support your immune function, right from your own backyard garden.

Our store now carries an Immunity Boost Seed Pack which contains:

• Astragulus Seed Pack – 45 seeds
• Maca Seed Pack – 45 seeds
• Calendula Seed Pack – 80 seeds Astragalus

The store also offers a Wild Salad Mix seed pack containing:

• Dandelion Seed Pack – 200 Seeds
• Lamb’s Quarters Seed Pack – 350 seeds
• Wild Mountain Spinach Seed Pack – 60 Seeds

You can also purchase individual seed packs that ship in small seed tins. Pick up just goji berry seeds or holy basil seeds. Click here to see the full list of what’s available.

Seeds, health, preparedness and more
I’m a huge believer in seed saving and seed preparedness. Seeds are the key to growing your own food and medicine in both good times and bad.

In good times, you can inexpensively grow both food and medicine right in your own back yard, effectively giving you access to a “plant pharmacy” without needing a doctor, a prescription or interference from the FDA.

In bad times such as a temporary economic collapse or social disorder, seeds are the key to keeping you and your family alive when the food deliveries stop. There’s very little food inventory in the national food supply, as you probably have already figured out. That’s why grocery store shelves are stripped bare in just a day or two before a major hurricane or winter snow storm.

I’ve been a long-term advocate of sensible preparedness, and I’ve always stocked and stored dried foods, seeds, water filters and other items to get through any emergency. People always think I’m a Mormon because I follow Mormon philosophy on preparedness. I’m not Mormon, but I happen to think those folks are the smartest group on the planet when it comes to surviving the unexpected.

Seeds are a crucial part of any preparedness plan, and if you know anything about seeds, you also know you have to stock non-hybrid seeds so you can propagate your plants from one generation to the next.

Now, these seeds we’re offering right now on NaturalNews are not garden vegetable seeds. They’re superfoods and herbs. But next year we hope to begin offering heirloom, organic garden vegetable seeds as well. It’s something that’s high on our list of priorities of things to offer to the NaturalNews readers so that we can all be better prepared for the unexpected.

I’m also starting a new garden this coming spring and I plan to video that project and share it with you.

Growing plants is a lifelong love of mine. I used to grow succulents as a teenager. In Arizona, I experimented with growing hydroponic vegetables and successfully grew tomatoes, cucumbers, parsley and other plants using organic nutrients (with no soil). In Ecuador, I created a massive superfood orchard of over 100 trees, with a garden on the side where we grew enough food to donate cabbage and more to the local poor people in town.

I also planted and grew a massive aloe vera garden and gave away aloe as part of a local anti-cancer tonic for folks who were suffering from cancer tumors.

This coming spring, I’ll be planting these superfood seeds in a new garden I already have on the drawing board. I can’t wait to start harvesting my own holy basil, goji berries, astragalus and other herbs and superfoods. This is the way we’re supposed to get our medicine, after all.

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