The AIDS HIV story retold: First 10 minutes of House of Numbers documentary released to public

(NaturalNews) The acclaimed AIDS / HIV documentary House of Numbers, created by Brent Leung, has rocked the medical world with numerous revelations that call into question conventional medical mythology surrounding AIDS. Now, for the very first time, the first 10 minutes of the documentary have been publicly released.

You can view that 10-minute segment of the film at NaturalNews.TV:

Watch all the segments from this eye-opening documentary at:

In these opening 10 minutes, you’ll hear Brent Leung asking intelligent questions about HIV and AIDS that the conventional medical community doesn’t want people to ask!

Leung asks questions like “What is the definition of AIDS, and why has that definition been changed so many times?”

“Why are AIDS tests so subjective and non-scientific? Why do different lab technicians in the same lab use contradictory criteria to diagnose AIDS?”

“Why is there no cure? Why do AIDS drugs seem to cause the very symptoms of AIDS?”

These are some of the intelligent, skeptical questions about AIDS that any intelligent person might curiously ask, yet asking these questions automatically gets you labeled an “AIDS denier.” The conventional AIDS medical community, it turns out, doesn’t seem very interested in real questions or real science. They are operating on a medical mythology about AIDS that Brent Leung is beginning to deconstruct.

Watch the 10 minutes of this video at:

You can grab the full-length DVD at

This is one documentary that will open your eyes about infectious disease, the CDC, the marketing of pandemics and the role of Big Pharma. If you’re skeptical about conventional explanations concerning AIDS and HIV, you need to watch this video. It will shatter the medical mythology currently masquerading as science.

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