What Is A Sugar Crash” And how To Avoid It!

We have all experience it! You eat a few holiday cookies loaded with
carbohydrates and you feel more energetic and awake for a little while. It feels
like it was a good pick me up, for a while that is. Then the crash comes in the
form of instant tiredness, wanting to take a nap, being hungry, yawning and
craving more sugar and carbohydrates! Then we end up eating more of these
sugary sweets and it becomes a cycle of quick high energy for a short amount of
time until we crash and want more food that will give us that high energy again!

What really is happening is a reaction that starts at your tongue and ends with
your cells! When you consume sugar, your tongue is the first to experience a
change. It tastes good and usually very sweet. It acts as a receptor to your
brain. Your brain immediately senses that it is sugar that has come into the
body and it send out a signal for the body to produce insulin. Insulin then
prepares your cells to absorb this sugar and that immediate feeding of your
cells gives you a burst of energy! It happens very quickly. Just as quickly as
the energy levels increase, they decrease too! When your cells have utilized the
sugar, they need more and that results in food and sugar cravings!

How do you avoid the “crash” ? Here are some effective tips:

-Eat a more balance diet including more vegetables, fruits, and lots of
filtered water while reducing the amount of sugar you consume.

-Eat less processed foods and stick to whole foods. Processed foods generally
contain more sugar than whole foods and are found in boxed, frozen and dried
types of packaging.

-When you consume carbs or sugar, try to make sure you eat a protein with it
because the protein will help the carb or sugar digest slower and it will help
avoid a sugar crash.

-When you have a sugar craving, try a piece of fruit instead. The natural
sugars are healthier for you and will satisfy the sweet craving!

When you get into the vicious sugar and sugar crash cycle. It seems difficult to
get out of it because sugar and carb cravings can be very strong. When this
happens, try to follow the tips above and you will eventually rid yourself of
cravings that keep you eating the bad foods that can lead to weight gain,
obesity, diabetes and other health issues.

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