Spirulina Health Benefits And More

Spirulina is actually an edible algae produced by a bacteria. It can be found in fresh and seawaters. Naturally, people think that it cannot be eaten but it actually does. As early as 16th century, the Native Americans already enjoyed spirulina and considered it as their main food source. It is packed with all the necessary vitamins and minerals needed by the body. Important minerals such as calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium can be found in spirulina while it is rich with essential vitamins like A, B, C, D, E, and beta-carotone. Spirulina provides whole-body nourishment that is why it is called “the super food” and said to be the answer to malnutrition. Several studies have been conducted to prove the health benefits spirulina.

Studies demonstrate its benefits against several types of virus, toxicity, and cancers. The most important health benefit of spirulina is its high protein content of about 70 percent. It has 18 of the 12 amino acids that the body requires. It also contains phycocyanin and chlorophyll, which has cleansing and detoxifying power. Spirulina is said to be an excellent source of essential fatty acid called gamma-linoleic acid or GLA. This fatty acid, which can also be found in breast milk, aids in reducing bad cholesterol as well as triglyceride in the blood. Thus, spirulina helps in improving the cardiovascular system of the body. Spirulina has also been proven to be helpful for type 2 diabetes patients. Studies show that it significantly lowers the blood sugar level of a person after taking it for at least 2 weeks. The alkaline properties of these algae also improve the pH balance of the body.

The most popular health benefit of spirulina is in losing weight although there was a research that claims that it does not help in trimming down weight. But still spirulina was widely used as dietary supplement and it is one of the most popular diet foods at the moment. Spirulina can be eaten fresh but it is also available in table and in powder forms. It was said that a 30-gram tablet of spirulina has the same nutritional value as two servings of fresh vegetables. Here are the other spirulina health benefits.

• It can boost immune system

• It can enhance good digestion because it is rich of fiber

• It can reduce fatigue

• Build endurance

• Boost energy levels

• Control appetite because it is free of carbohydrates and sugar.

• Lowers blood cholesterol

• Purify the liver

• Reduce inflammation

• Benefit people who suffer from allergies like sinus allergy

• Rich in antioxidants

• Helps to fight anemia


Spirulina health benefits have been proven by many for centuries and it was considered as one of the healthiest food in the world. Today, spirulina is being cultivated and commercially produced in many countries and used to improve health. In the coming years, it was projected that the production of spirulina will multiply even more as its health benefits become more recognized by many.


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