Pain In Lower Right Abdomen May Be Serious

Pain In Lower Right Abdomen

When someone complains of pain in lower right abdomen, several criteria should be looked at and evaluated before deciding how to proceed.  How severe it feels, and if the pain is localized or covering a larger area can help determine what may be the cause.  Asking a few questions of the person with the abdominal pain will also help to rule out several possibilities.

Has the person recently eaten any food, especially exotic, potentially spoiled or known as food that produces excess gas?  Is there any diarrhea, fever or pain in other parts of the body?  Is the painful feeling constant or does it come and go?  Will a movement, such as a sneeze, cause the person’s pain to become worse?

Since the lower right side of the abdomen has several different systems and a couple of organs running through it, the cause of the pain could be related to the intestines, reproductive system, pancreas or appendix.  Although pain in lower right abdomen may sometimes signal appendicitis, other causes can mimic it, including pancreatitis.  For this reason, waiting for a few hours may be what a doctor chooses to do, before deciding what other tests may be needed.

If the pain continues and the patient has a fever, a CAT scan may be ordered by the physician.   Waiting too long to treat appendicitis can cause it to burst, releasing the infection into the blood stream and other parts of the body.  Death can result when an appendix ruptures, so once antibiotic treatment is begun, surgical removal usually takes place.   If pain in lower right abdomen continues without subsiding at all, it is a good sign of inflammation.  If at all possible, the patient should see a doctor soon, since appendicitis rarely heals by itself.  Pain can seem unbearable if left without treatment from a professional, and surgery may be required.  Normally a doctor will prescribe antibiotics to fight the bacteria, which have invaded the appendix, possibly through an I.V. in a hospital.

Another cause of pain in lower right abdomen may be irritable bowel syndrome, or IBS.   This condition can be a reaction to food in the lower intestine.  Alternatively, a blockage to the intestines or colon may be caused by what is known as abdominal adhesions.  This is an immediate emergency, as bile cannot pass through.

Women who have pain in the lower right pelvic area, may be experiencing normal reproductive changes, which will soon disappear.  For pain or cramping, an over-the-counter pain reliever may help.  However, another possibility is a sexually transmitted disease, affecting the right fallopian tube and ovary.  Antibiotics will normally be all that is needed in this case.

Other organs in the same area are the gall bladder and the liver.  Severe pain can result from gall stones, liver disease or abscess.  Stomach ulcers occasionally drip infected fluid down into the intestines where pain will be the result.   As if all of those possibilities weren’t enough, the colon and the spleen are also nearby, and can radiate pain when problems arise.

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