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Is the Green Smoke Promotional eCig Product bad for your health?

The Green Smoke Promotional electronic cigarette does not contain the 4000+ chemicals found in normal cigarette smoke, a toxic cocktail with at least 200 poisons and 40 carcinogens that are said to cause cancer in humans. No smoke also means no second hand smoke. It is therefore not surprising that ecigs are being marketed almost universally as a ‘healthier’ alternative to the tobacco cigarette – better for you and those around you.

Green Smoke Promotional ecig cartridges do, however, contain nicotine so they are addictive and not recommended for anybody who does not currently smoke. Another main ingredient is propylene glycol, which although generally considered safe and used in many other products, has not been subjected to any long term testing whilst being used in an electronic cigarette.

The lack of any large scale clinical testing or general classification is proving to be a bit of a problem.  Public perception towards the electronic cigarette is overwhelmingly positive once the concept is explained but governmental reactions are varying. In Austria and Finland electronic cigarettes have been classified as medical devices, whereas in Denmark they have been banned because the type of nicotine used has not been certified by the government.

If you are considering switching to a Green Smoke Promotional code electronic cigarette and are concerned about your health then unfortunately there aren’t many hard facts you can look to right now. Our best advice is to compare your current method of nicotine intake with that offered by the Green Smoke electronic cigarette and decide which you believe is better or safer for you.


There are over 4,000 chemicals in tobacco smoke and some of the more harmful of these are as a result of the combustion and burning process. This means that there are a lot of by-products just to get the nicotine relief

Below are just 6 of these by-products: –

•Formaldehyde – a highly poisonous, colourless embalming fluid known to cause cancer, respiratory, skin and gastrointestinal problems.
•Ammonia  –   better known for being a toilet cleaner.
•Acetone – most commonly known as nail polish remover.
•Hydrogen Cyanide – used as a genocidal agent during world War II (under the name Zyclon B)
•Carbon Monoxide- the principal component of automobile exhaust
•Tar – a particulate matter drawn into the lungs when you inhale a lighted cigarette. About 70% of which is deposited in the smokers lungs.
Admittedly these are some of the more infamous offenders, and their concentrations will be miniscule – but they are there and there are few that would argue against the detrimental health effects of long term smoking.
There are around 10 million adult smokers in the UK, and in a fact sheet produced by ASH (action on smoking and health) it states that around half of all regular cigarette smokers will eventually be killed by their addiction. See the fact sheet here (opens in new window).

ASH have also produced a fact sheet on ‘Smoking and disease’ which provides information on the effects of second hand smoke and the benefits of stopping smoke.


The Green Smoke Promo electronic cigarette produces only vapour so there is no smoke or second hand smoke.
The ingredients and output of a Green Smoke electronic cigarette are relatively basic therefore when compared to the tobacco cigarette. Cartridges will typically contain just the following: –

•Propylene glycol
•Scents and flavourings
•Membrane to suspend the ingredients

The two ingredients of note are nicotine (in a purified liquid form), and propylene glycol. You are likely aware of the addictive properties of nicotine, although interestingly there is some debate right now as to the effects upon your health when this substance is isolated from the other ingredients in a normal cigarette.
Propylene glycol is currently used in many food and cosmetic products as well as smoke machines. It is also used in normal cigarettes to maintain a dampness in the tobacco, but the long term effects of inhaling it within a Green Smoke promotional code electronic cigarette are unknown.

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