Book Review: The Heart of Health reveals 14 key principles for unlocking lifelong health and vitality

I’ve often thought that when you turn 18, someone should hand you a “user’s guide” for peak human health — a document that would teach us the basics we need to know for staying healthy and productive.

There have been attempts at a health-oriented user’s guide in recent years, but they’ve mostly been too conventional, lacking in serious discussions about detoxification and real nutrition while avoiding topics like the harmful effects of genetically-engineered foods.

But now, there’s a book available that finally nails this issue head-on: It’s called The Heart of Health, but it’s not about heart health. It’s really about the foundations of health and vitality, and rather than listing a collection of remedies or solutions to specific health problems, it teaches the underlying principles of health and vitality that can be applied to any condition or desired health goal.

For example, instead of talking about diabetes, this book teaches you the powerful principles of cellular nutrition and “Physical Ecology”, giving you the knowledge you need to allow your body to heal diabetes, liver disorders, heart problems and a multitude of other problems that often stem from common sources.

You can pick up this book right now from Truth Publishing:…

Master these principles to restore lifelong health

In The Heart of Health, you’ll also learn the core principles of “balanced metabolism,” body detoxification, stress management, mind-body power and the revealing truths of “inner / outer connection.”

If these sound complicated, they’re actually not. Although they are, indeed, advanced concepts, they are simple to understand, and they’ll serve you for a lifetime.

You might even say these are the master keys to unlocking lifelong health. If a disease is like something locked in a vault where you don’t know the combination, this book is like a set of master keys that bypass the combination dial and unlocks the doorway to unlimited health possibilities.

Or, to say it another way, this isn’t a book that’s merely about how to avoid chronic disease or reverse serious health conditions; this is a book about ways to maximize your vitality so that you live a healthier, more energetic and more vibrant life! As the book explains, “Vitality is not a physical attribute. It is a feeling of well-being and the energy that comes from having optimal physical health. It is also the sense of high mental and emotional coherence.”

But how, exactly, do we even get to this point in health knowledge where we can unlock the secrets to turbo charge your vitality? Here’s how… (keep reading)

The three paradigms of health knowledge

In just the last one hundred years, our understanding about health has been uplifted from the very first paradigm (superstition) to a whole new level. Allow me to explain:

At the dawn of our current age of modern medicine, most of the explanations about health centered around superstitious causes for disease or health. If you caught a cold, for example, it was assumed you were being invaded by “evil spirits” and the way to eliminate those evil spirits was to bleed a pint or two of blood out of your arm.

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