Orbit Medical Wheelchair Review – Any Good?

Recently I was devastated when I found out that my mother had terminal cancer and was going to decline in health very quickly.  One of the things that was suggested by the medical doctors taking care of her was that I find a powered wheelchair for her to spend her last days in.  I was completely beside myself as I tried to find one that was going to be the best when I found the Orbit Medical Wheelchair

This wheelchair was something unlike anything else that I had ever found.  Sure I had seen advertisements for power chairs before but most of them had the looks of a scooter and seemed as though they might be harder to climb in and out of.  However this chair was very simple to learn how to use and provided my mother with the mobility that she desired when she was very ill.

I am so glad that I found the Orbit Medical Wheelchair.  Plus I was happy to have the support of the available customer service representatives and staff who were consistently helpful and polite.  They never once made me feel pressured or like I had to purchase a chair, even after spending countless hours on the phone with me answering the same questions.

It was such a stressful time that I could not have imagined anything being easy or simple about it.  This was one area though where I really did not have to worry.  The chair was not overpriced and my mother’s medical insurance actually covered most of.  Plus since we live on a moderate income they were very willing to accept payments towards the remainder of the balance and the payments were easily achieved in my budget. 

I am still very thankful for everyone who was able to assist me with the purchase and operation of the Orbit Medical Wheelchair.  As I have stated it was a time when I was unable to think clearly and when I needed help.  Plus the chair was easy to operate, small enough to fit everywhere, and easily adaptable with the different situations.

My mother was able to enjoy her favorite activities during her end days because of the Orbit Medical Wheelchair.  I am sure that she would have missed some of these exciting opportunities if it had not been for the chair.  She got to see one last dance recital for my daughter, one last soccer game for my oldest son, and an open house for my youngest son.  She also got to attend a last concert and see the birth of my brother’s first child.

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