Truth About Abs Review – Any Good?

The Truth About Abs is an innovative book that was authored by Mike Geary.  Mike Geary is a personal trainer who has spent years perfecting a formula for everyone to be able to get perfect abdominal muscles.  The biggest secret that he shares is that to get the perfect abs you need to focus more on nutrition and less on working out.

The nutritional information in the Truth About Abs program is complete.  It teaches you many things that even as a healthy eater I was not aware of.  I found that with this program getting the perfect abs was actually easy and something completely within my grasp.

There were a couple of things that I personally disagreed with and my medical doctor did agree with me on these.  These included the authors thoughts on dairy and soy.  For people, like myself, who have a hard time digesting dairy soy can be a lifesaver.

Personally though I felt like this book actually taught you a wonderful variety of different facts on nutrition and it encouraged having you a whole balanced diet which I have always felt was important.  Of course to get perfect abs you are going to have to do more than just eat the right foods but you will also have to do some exercises.  The tricks that are taught to you with the Truth About Abswill make your workouts more effective, meaning that you will have to work out less.

With the information in the book the Truth About Abs Mike Geary gets to express his ability to help you to get the six pack abs that you have always wanted.  When it comes to getting a six pack this is something that I have always wanted and just never been able to achieve.  I have never been able to get the six pack of my dreams until I used this system. 

The meal plan that is offered in Truth About Abs was one of the first plans that I have ever easily been able to follow.  This system was something that did not require special meals or recipes and was something that I really did find easy.  I have never had an easy time when it comes to diets and this was something that really did make it easier for me.

I would recommend Truth About Abs to anyone who has wanted better abs and who has dreamed of having a six pack that they believed to be unattainable.  This is a system that is really great for anyone who has ever wanted to be in better shape.  Plus the diet is really healthy and makes you feel great.

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