Coding Specialist Salary, Job Outlook And More!

Coding specialists generally work in the medical field. They are generally entrusted with the responsibility of analyzing the medical documents of the physicians, nurses and other health care providers so that they can obtain all the information regarding the disease or illness, injury, surgical operations or any other procedures. This information is then translated into specific numeric codes by the coding specialist using a universally recognized coding system. Thus, these people play a very important role in the medical field.

However, in addition to being a part of medical science, the skills of a coding specialist can also be used elsewhere. So if you are interested in knowing more about a coding specialist salary as well as the avenues of work, then read on.

So apart from being in a medical setting, certified coders (aka coding specialists) can also become claim auditors with an insurance company. You can also train doctors and staff in proper documentation and reimbursement issues, especially after an audit. Plus you can become a consultant in order to help people better manage their accounts. However, given the nature of the job, coding specialists are most sought after for administrative work in hospitals and other medical facilities.

Before we talk about a coding specialist salary, we must first know what the job entails. Well, as a medical coding specialist, your job includes going through medical records and assigning codes for each category. These are the codes that one sees on the medical claim form. Thus, it is absolutely essential that the coder has complete knowledge of coding and reimbursement regulations so that every code that is assigned is found in the medical record so that the payment is assured. After all, nobody would like a goof up which could delay or worse, cancel the payment of insurance.

In other words, medical coding specialists translate health records into numeric codes which are used for billing and reimbursement of health care claims. It is an extremely tough job which requires you to pay attention to detail and to be super organized. As far as a coding specialist salary is concerned, you should not be expecting a lot. The median coding specialist salary in 2011 in the United States was $ 47,000 per annum. Though this is not extremely lucrative, it is still pretty handsome. Plus as you move up the ladder in terms of experience and expertise, the pay is bound to get better.

Moving on, a medical coding specialist needs to have a high school diploma in order to be accepted into a coding program which lasts for around two years. Plus, you need to take courses to enhance your knowledge of medical terminology, computer skills and office procedures. And now with the advent of the internet, a medical coder can get a Bachelor’s degree from an online school which is more convenient.

Lastly, as far as the job market is concerned, the medical field is in a massive need of coding specialists due to the increased scrutiny of medical records by the federal government as well as the insurance companies. Thus, if you wish to pursue this as a career, then there is no better time to join than now.

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