Gonorrhea Information – Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

Gonorrhea is a very common sexually transmitted disease (STD) and the actual disease is caused by bacteria that is highly contagious to sexual partners and during birth. This bacteria works like a plague in the infected area because it spreads continuously when not being treated. It affects both men and women equally but as long as you where protection during any sexual activity, the average person will not be likely to catch the Gonorrhea disease.

Basically, every 12 out of 1000 people, on average), have or will be infected by Gonorrhea. Gonorrhea is also known to flourish in moist, dark areas including internal and external genital areas including the anus and in the throat/mouth area as well. Oddly enough, this disease is also comfortable infecting the eyes and a Gonorrhea infection of the eyes is no laughing matter considering the symptoms that come along with it.

Gonorrhea Symptoms and What to Look For

The majority of men with Gonorrhea claim they show very few, if any, symptoms while other infected men can have a violent onset of symptoms within one or two days of contracting the disease. Burning urination, yellow, white or green discharge and swollen, painful testicles are all very common symptoms for a man with Gonorrhea.

Most women experience very little symptoms as well but they differ a bit from male symptoms of a Gonorrhea infection. Women go through burning and painful urination as well as colored discharges but they also tend to bleed between periods and develop serious infections within their sexual organs such as the uterus, cervix, fallopian tubes and more.

Gonorrhea infections in the rectal area tend to have a set of symptoms all on their own including itching, tenderness, pain, discharge, bleeding and all around soreness. When you have this infection in the throat it’s typically nothing more than an irritating sore throat.

Gonorrhea Treatments and Additional Information

Gonorrhea is a PID, pelvic inflammatory disease, and millions of people suffer from it year after year. It is treated with a combination of antibiotics but unfortunately, more strains of drug resistant Gonorrhea are surfacing everyday and it is becoming increasingly hard to treat. As long as you complete the treatment and continually get retested, you will decrease your chances of becoming infected again.

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