Trichomoniasis – Causes, Signs and Treatments

Trichomoniasis is a somewhat common sexually transmitted disease and it affects both genders but women with trichomoniasis are more common than men. It is caused by a single celled parasite that is spread by genital to genital activities. Signs and symptoms associated with having this STD are often unnoticed if they exist at all but some people have a different experience.

Signs and Symptoms of Trichomoniasis

Trichomoniasis infections in men often go unnoticed because most men don’t experience any irritations or other symptoms while some men have a slight discharge from their genitals, irritated areas within the penis and burning sensation after ejaculating and/or urination. Symptoms for men may end on their own but this does not mean the infection is gone it just means the symptoms are gone.

Women with trichomoniasis have a slightly different set of symptoms to deal with. The most obvious one is the frothy discharge from the vagina that may have a green or yellow tint to it and it has an unpleasant, powerful odor along with it. Discomfort and itching while having sex and after urinating are very common with women as well.

Unusual cases of trichomoniasis infections with women will cause pain in the lower abdomen. Not excruciating pain but enough to get someone’s attention and cause plenty of discomfort. Also in women, trichomoniasis symptoms will become apparent within 28 days but sometimes as soon as 5 days after being exposed to a carrier. Also, pregnant infected women will be at risk for low birth weight.

Treatments for Trichomoniasis

For both men and women, trichomoniasis is curable and the treatment calls for a single dose of oral medicine prescribed by a medical professional. Those who do not seek treatment will continue to spread trichomoniasis to everyone they have sexual contact with, which is why it is very important to receive the easy treatment for killing this parasite. Pregnant women seeking treatment for trichomoniasis will be all too happy that there is a drug that is safe to take in a single dosage to kill the parasite within affecting the pregnancy.

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