A Close Look at Audiologist Training

Audiologist Training

A person who enjoys working with people and helping them upgrade their quality of life, may decide that becoming an audiologist is just the career they are looking for. Graduates will work with people from infants all the way up through the senior years. Here is a close look at what audiologist training entails.


Any student makes the decision to become an audiologist in high school, will have a distinct advantage over other students. He will choose classes in math, science, computer skills, and communication skills in preparation for college. Volunteer work in an audiologist’s office or in nursing homes where he can develop a good bedside manner and learn how to relate well to people will also put him a step ahead.


The first step after high school is to earn a four year Bachelor’s degree in communication sciences and disorders. The general requirements to enter this program are a high school diploma and satisfactory ACT scores. The student should check with the college he plans to attend to see if there are any other entrance requirements.


As of 2012 all new audiologists will be required to have a Doctorate in Audiology in order to become licensed. To meet this requirement, students will need to have earned their Bachelor’s degree and then enter a four year graduate program in audiology. It will take a total of eight years to finish a Doctorate in Audiology.


Students can expect to study general subjects such as math, biology, physics, chemistry, psychology and communication. There will also be specialized classes in hearing diagnostics, anatomy of the auditory system, rehabilitation and clinical research just to name a few. A student who plans to have his own practice will also take classes like business and managerial skills.


As part of the audiologist training, all 50 states require an audiologist to become licensed. Students will need to complete 75 hours of post-graduate work and work for a 12 month period under close supervision. Once this is finished, they will need a passing score on the national examination in order to become licensed. The majority of the states require audiologists to obtain a certain number of continuing education credits in order to renew their licenses.


Some audiologists also choose to take a certification exam in order to become certified by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. The exam lasts approximately two hours and consists of 120 questions. This certificate certifies that the audiologist is clinically competent in audiology.


Once training is finished and the student is a licensed audiologist, he will need to determine where he will work. There are job opportunities in places like schools, hospitals, health departments, rehabilitation centers, non-profit clinics, private industry, and in research. Another possibility is to set up a private practice.

Audiologist Training Conclusion

The employment outlook for audiologist training is expected to increase 10 percent up through 2016. The median annual salary is between $62,000 and $74,700 depending on the location and the type of job that the audiologist is working in. The highest level of employment is currently found in the larger cities of Chicago, Denver, New York, Los Angeles, St. Louis, Atlanta and Baltimore.

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