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Medical Assistant Training

In case you want to become a medical assistant, then you need to know that medical assistant training is a must. This training will help you become the ideal medial assistant that you wish to be. As a medical assistant, you will have various functions in the institution of medicine. You will perform clinical tasks and administrative duties to ensure that the office you are working in is operational. You can work in different offices such as those of podiatrists, physicians, chiropractors among others. You however need to note that your duties as a medical assistant will vary from one to office to the other, hence you should be flexible to adapt to the operations of the office you are bound to work in. you will be required to report directly to the manager in your office, physician or any medical person you are working for.

Training and education
In most cases, Medical Assistant Training takes one or two years basing on the program that you will opt for. There are some cases where medic assistants are trained on the job. Most of these professionals have at least diploma from a high school. There are high schools, community and junior colleges, postsecondary vocational schools among others that offer medical assistant programs. In the case of postsecondary vocation, the program might last for one year which will result in a certificate or diploma while if you opt for three years, you will have an associate degree at the end of the program. The courses that you need to take to become a medic assistant cover various topics. Some of these courses include anatomy, medical terminology, physiology, transcription, Keyboarding, insurance processing, accounting among others. You will also learn techniques used in the laboratory, diagnostics and clinical procedures, administration of medications, pharmaceutical principles, first aid and many more. You will also study patient relations, office practices, medical ethics and law. They will also have to be accredited in order to perform their duties. There are two main bodies that are mandated with the accrediting. There are cases where some states permit medical assistants to perform advanced procedures than they are expected to. Some of these procedures might include taking x rays, giving injection and so on. In this case, you have to take a test or complete a certain course to perform these advanced procedures.

Certification is not required when you are a medical assistant. However, it is worth noting that certification is important for it will depict that you certain standards and are knowledgeable in that field. Certification is also essential in a way that it helps distinguish formally trained and experienced assistant and an entry-level assistant.

Work environment
After Medical Assistant Training, you can work in various environments related to your field. You can work in clinics, hospitals, offices of podiatrists, physicians, chiropractors among others. You can also work full time or work part time during weekends or evenings. The package is worth going for and this profession has emerged as a hot cake in many states in the US.


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  1. Yes, training is indeed necessary to become a medical assistant irrespective of what some people may lead you to believe. And getting trained has never been easier thanks to the availability of online programs. These programs are flexible, self-paced, short in duration as well as a lot more cost effective than going to college.

    Medical assistant training online at Career Step, which is one of the leading vocational schools in the country, can be completed in just about three months of full-time study and costs a little more than one grand.

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